Triscy Rants: Fighting Games

GDiNews:"When Triscy has something scratching at his head, he'll occasionally just vent it out. Triscy rants about various subjects, and this time it's about why he sucks at fighting games."

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Neoprime2289d ago

Sound like he just need to practice to get better thats all it could be frustrating in the beginning for some but hang in there practice, learn to get a better reaction, to block better, and learn why you fighter you choose is the way they are, you don't have to be a expert to for heavy combos but one could learn simple combos and just take baby steps, just take this experience as introspection of one self for improvement, you already stated your weaknesses and problems with fighting games now all you have to do is decide if you want to be/get better, or come to the conclusion that some fighting game aren't for you, if thats the case there some you might like Super Smash Bros Melee, Playstation All-Stars, Powerstone, and more simple style fighting which aren't heavy into combos or blocking and mostly don't have many of the problems which you have ranted about, I hope this helps.

VTKC2289d ago

Fighting games require alot of time to get good at. Its not about just knowing the character you like. You need to know a little about all of the characters. Otherwise you wont know what you are up against. Not only that, you need to know the basic mechanics of the fighting game you happen to be playing, like simple or universal things like (because all the characters can do them like throw, blocking, punching and kicking etc.)

Combos, these are difficult to do. But intstead of trying to copy the combos you see at EVO, try some of the simpler ones. Remember that EVO players are the experts thats why they are at a competition. You cant start from the top when learning things. Best thing to do is go into the practice mode that fighting games usually have and choose a character that you think you could play as. Go through their move list. Try and execute all their moves and special moves etc. Now try and do them all without having to refer to the command list. When you have remembered them, now try doing some combos. Lets not try anything from EVO. Lets just try a maximum of 3 hits. Lets say it will consist of you jumping and flying kicking the opponent and as you land on the ground you punched them and executing a special move to finish. However this does not apply to 3D fighting (Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur). This only applies to 2D (Street fighter, king of fighters etc)
3D fighters require other methods, Tekken for example usually involves you hitting the opponent in the air and using moves to continuely hitting them as they are airborn and falling to the ground. Or doing an attack that slams them into the ground causing them to bounce slightly which continues the window of opportunity to attack.

You need to understand what is allowed for you to do in the fighting game you are playing and what is not and knowing especially with the character you wish to play as. Only then will you be able are even attempt the incredible things you have witnessed at EVO.

Remember. You are only as good as your opponent. You may win against your brother. BUt that doesnt mean you are good. You need to fight against other people. Play against friends who are good. Play people online who are good. They most probably show you something you did not know before with that particular character. It may even give you ideas and open your eyes to new possibilities in how to fight. It may even change your perspective of other characters and you may like them now unlike before. Or you CAN actually play as them now. Or you CAN and know how to deal with that particular character or situation.
Like everything else in life-you need experience to be able to get good. (I wish I could say the same with my social skills but thats another story lol)