"2010" Unveiled

Brash Entertainment Mythology Project [untitled] (PS3)

IGN recently had the opportunity to attend a press event held by Brash Entertainment. One of the items on display was a teaser trailer for an as-of-yet unnamed project which is internally being referred to as "2010" -- the year of its intended release. While we know extremely little about this title at the moment, we do know that it will be based on an upcoming film and is being developed by a "name brand Japanese studio." The only other information offered was in the form of the aforementioned teaser trailer.

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mighty_douche3678d ago

2010.... little early to get excited yet then.

picker3323678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Don't know about this game.
Movies made to Games(vice versa)
Always getting bad.
Take spiderman,The hulk,Van helsing,resident evil for example.(well that was almost everyone...Yeye.)

INehalemEXI3678d ago

Interesting. What movie + game would have a hero in greco roman armor? I dunno.

Iamback3678d ago

movie game? sounds like crap

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The story is too old to be commented.