Konami offering free games to Xbox 360 owners of Silent Hill HD Collection

Konami Digital Entertainment is currently offering disgruntled owners of the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill HD Collection a free select game (which includes titles from multiple platforms) following yesterday’s patch cancellation announcement. Find out how you can get your free game in addition to a list of eligible titles.

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ShinMaster2047d ago

If you watched all of Microsoft's recent E3 conferences, it makes sense. lololol

elmaton982047d ago

I don't know why these people release games that ain't good instead of releasing one that'll give them a ton of money(mgs1 anyone)

VanillaBear2048d ago

I thought the PS3 game was more broken then the 360s :|

Feels like it anyway

smashman982048d ago

they released a patch for ps3 the 360 patch isnt coming

knowyourstuff2048d ago

The 360 version had a few smaller problems, but the PS3 version had a few more. Also, Microsoft charges a ton of money to publishers just to do one patch, and you can only do one patch per game, that's Microsoft's stupid rule that got Gabe Newell so mad at them with Portal 2, thus he embraced the freedom of patches with PS3, as they could be as big in size and as numerous as the dev wanted, and they didn't get charged up the ass for it either.

Disccordia2047d ago

One patch per game? Definitely not true. But it costs 30,000 dollars at least on the 360 which sure seems a bit steep to me. Maybe devs should finish their games before releasing though!

Thecraft19892047d ago

Disccordia to put patch up on XBL you have have to go through the certification process again, this is the huge cost being spoken about.

hkgamer2047d ago

Devs should try to finish their games before releasing, but most of the time publishers are pushing the devs to rush the game. Patching is a way to help quicken the process as well as using consumers to help fix problems. I undertstand that some games are actually too buggy to play and should have never been released in that form but western developers have been able to release games quickly because of this.
japanese developers seem to be behind on the whole patch the game after release and seems to take so bloody long to release a game with minimal bugs. How many years have people been waiting for games like versusXIII or last guardian? it's been on PS3 exclusives of the year list for every year since the release of the PS3.

palaeomerus2047d ago

"Also, Microsoft charges a ton of money to publishers just to do one patch"

So you figure that a one time $40K cost to patch is somehow cheaper than giving any 360 purchaser of SH-HDC who asks a free game? I kind of doubt that.

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Godmars2902048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Better if they put out a game that worked right in the first place.

Also hear that they're still selling the broken collection.

That's a Silent Hill character. from the Room I think.

2pacalypsenow2047d ago

almost impossible to make a game without flaws with publisher deadlines and such

Jazz41082047d ago

Ps3 only charges 29999 per patch

Skate-AK2048d ago

Good. I suggest people pick up Castlevania Lords of Shadow. You can get the LE for free!

KingOfArcadia2047d ago

That's what I'm aiming for... or the MGS HD Collection, I heard that one was quite good. Does anybody know if this is actually true however? I've been checking a lot of forums, and it seems some people are getting the free game love and others are being stonewalled. I've emailed them, but haven't heard back yet.

AcesHigh2912048d ago

Who on Earth saves their receipt?

SovereignSnaKe2048d ago

-I got mine right out of my order history on AmazoNNNN!:D

Knight_Crawler2048d ago

Whats your problem with receipts dude? Last I checked they never bother no one.

Wintersun6162048d ago

Actually I'm pretty sure my stack of receipts are stalking me. O_o

HellzAssassin2048d ago

Actually, I put my receipt for every game purchase in the instruction manual.

WildArmed2047d ago

hahahah excatly what I do!

oldfriend862047d ago

Heh, good idea. I should start doing that.

I've just had them spilling over in a drawer along with the clothes receipts.

KingOfArcadia2047d ago

That's the best way. I do the same thing for every game I buy, otherwise I'd lose the damn things.

Axecution2047d ago

I do something sort of similar. I put them behind the cover art between the case. >.> Just in case one day, i wanna look at all my receipts and see how much money i spent.
Not like ill ever do that, but still lol

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oldfriend862047d ago

I do. It's very smart to keep receipts.

New games: incase you find a better deal/find a cool bundle deal; depends on the return policy regarding time period and not opening game.

Gifts: incase friend or family member has the game already.

Used games: Basically Gamestop and still having time to take it back. Last time I ever bought a used game was for Left 4 Dead 2 used, and it had a big scratch on the disc. Without the receipt, I'd be out $20 or so. Giving up Gamestop three or so years ago, it's been Amazon and Steam for me. Best Buy black friday online deals are good too.

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LOL_WUT2048d ago

Man if only every publisher/developer was like this.

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