Condemned 2: Bloodshot official website goes live

The official website of Sega and Monolith Productions' hair-raising first-person shooter Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) is now online for everyone's viewing. Those keeping tabs on the game might not find anything new, but if you're in a mood to familiarize with Condemned's atmosphere, look no further.

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MK_Red3735d ago

This game is screaming Se7en. I'm really interested but can't forget about how the devs started working with ESRB and some of the sicker stuff is already cut :(

Fu19853734d ago

C'mon why cut some of the stuff out because of this bullsh**t.How bout put it as extra contents for download so we as an adult can taste the full thriller game.

MK_Red3734d ago

That would be awesome but sadly unlike movies, we don't get much director's cut / unrated editions :(