What’s Coming To The PlayStation Store: August 14th, 2012 – 2 More PS1 Classics De-Activating

The latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast has revealed what's coming to the PlayStation Store on August 14th, including the PS2 classic Shinobi.

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BringingTheThunder2294d ago

meh just 2 imports. maybe picking up shinobi.

Blackpool2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

PS2 classics shouldn't be 10$ tbh.. Some of these games cost lower than 6$ on ebay. Getting rid of backwards compatibility was a smart move for sony. Now they can just charge these classics for 10$

MaxXAttaxX2294d ago

Some PS classics cost lower, but some are also priced a lot higher than $10 online. So I think it's a good deal overall.

Blastoise2293d ago

I don't mind the price. But over here in europe the list of games to choose from sucks. Apparently train simulators are PS2 classics.
Where is Final fantasy XII, Rogue Galaxy, Dark cloud, Dark chronicle, Shadow hearts? ect

TooTall192293d ago

I bought Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy recently, and they were $30 and $20, respectively.

morganfell2293d ago

For those that have not played Shinobi and enjoy brutal gaming it is a title not to be missed. It can make Ninja Gaiden seem like a cakewalk.

BringingTheThunder2293d ago

they should have prices depending on popularity

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SegataShanshiro2293d ago

i dont know why people buy these ps2 classic games off the psn store...when there's no more psn store in 10 years from now....what are you gonna do???? exactly!! nothing you can do, those games will be gone!!! GET THE ACTUAL GAME CAUSE THAT ONE WILL STAY WITH YOU FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT just take care of it

Dac2u2293d ago

I don't own a PS2(nor do I want to dedicate a spot in my entertainment system to it) and I've always wanted to try out Shinobi and some other PS2 games. Now, you know why some people buy PS2 games off the PSN store.

EvilJeffBridges2294d ago

I wonder if they have a spike in sales when they announce a specific title is being removed.

BringingTheThunder2294d ago

they'll go from selling 5 copies a week to 20 maybe

TrendyGamers2294d ago

For those games, I doubt there will be too much of a spike.

EvilJeffBridges2294d ago

I don't know. Magical Drop F might be awesome. It has the word Magical in the title, so it has to be at least a 9 out of 10.

TrendyGamers2294d ago

Haha I checked on Gamerankings and it has one review from Gamespot, they gave it a 7.5.

Relientk772294d ago

Shinobi is an awesome PS2 game

glad to see that coming to the PSN

TrendyGamers2294d ago

If only it were an HD release.

KrimsonKody2293d ago

I said the same thing;
Shinobi is WAY overdue for an remake, remix, sequel...or something.

Shinobi is a great franchise with tons of potential.
Sega better get on their game, no pun.

Axecution2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


Why my good sir, there is! Nightshade is a direct sequel to Shinobi. Pretty good game too >.>

Also there's a 3DS sequel too that was recently released.

mrkeith2294d ago

Whats a de-activation?

kingPoS2294d ago

It's when they de list game from the psn store.
Example: Teenage mutant ninja turtles Re shelled is no longer in the store but it's in your download list.

nevin12294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

So if someone wanted TMNT Reshelled, their out of luck?

banjadude2294d ago

WHAT!? I didn't know they delisted TMNT... well, that sucks for me :/

mrkeith2294d ago

ah thank you kingPoS. I thought that but i didnt think they would actually do it.

KwietStorm2293d ago

Not necessarily. They removed Calling All Cars from the store, and its not in my download list either.

Axecution2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )


Huh? Are you positive? I never heard of Calling All Cars being removed from PSN. In fact i recently just downloaded it when i had to redownload all my games...

Such a good game offline and online. Too bad they took down the online.

But anyway, im pretty sure it's still there. Im too lazy to go check, but if you google it there's no news of it being taken down.

Plus, taking down a payed-for psn game and not allowing people who bought it to redownload it would obviously receive so much backlash from the community... it'd be everywhere on N4G. D:

Maybe they took down the free version that came with Qore?

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kingPoS2294d ago

The only games I have that aren't in my list are Flow & Stacking. And that's because they were free promotions, this was before psn+ happened.

himdeel2293d ago

Flow, and Ragdoll Kungfu are three games that aren't on my list but that I got from promotions.

sypher2293d ago

Mind boggling. What is the point of removing products from your digital store? The only space they take up is digital, its not like they are actually taking up physical space in a store.

And obviously they are still on the PSN servers, if they are able to be re-downloaded if purchased.

Anyone have a good reason for it?

The Great Melon2293d ago

It might be due to license issues. The company that is publishing it currently may no longer have the rights to release it, so it can't be sold anymore. However Sony still keeps it in the servers for those that have the license to play the game to be able to download it.

Just a guess.

sypher2293d ago

If that's true (which would suck), pretty much every game not published by Sony will eventually be removed from the store? Seems an insane way of doing business :p

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