What Capcom Learned From Ninja Theory While Making DmC

Sure, DmC isn’t the first time Capcom worked with a Western developer, but each time East meets West there’s a little cultural exchange. When Siliconera spoke with DmC director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Motohide Eshiro we asked what they learned by working with Ninja Theory.

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prototypeknuckles1389d ago

they learned how to talk shit towards the original fan base and ban any one on their forums that said anything slightly negative about the game. d 00 b

user54670071389d ago

Oh I forgot about the banning....that was funny, one guy kept coming back and they still kept deleting him for pointing out the games flaws

konnerbllb1389d ago

Good, there should have been more doing that with him. Maybe then Capcom will wake up and stop peddling their crap.

majiebeast1389d ago

I think every Capcom game from now will have the protagonist modeled after the studio head. Cant wait for Ryu modeled after Ono.

user54670071389d ago

They learnt never to underestimate a franchises fanbase.

DanielBryan1389d ago

Hopefully they learned "Never Again!"

Relientk771389d ago

I definitely miss the original Dante from DmC 1-4

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