Faulty Xbox yarn is nixed

Retailer EB Games hoses down reports suggesting that a spate of hardware defects with Xbox 360 video game consoles were straining its relationship with Microsoft.

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CNIVEK3706d ago

...knew this was bogus all along. Now we can move on. :)

Sez 3706d ago

yeah. but you know sonyfanboys will still say something about this anyway.

power of Green 3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Moving on to the X-Xbox employee talking nonsense(8Bit Joystick) guessing and making theories about the 360 when obviously some of what he was saying was common sense.

power of Green 3706d ago

Others take what they hear with a grain of salt I on the other hand inject! it in my arm! When Kotaku has any dealing with the console market(usually prasing Sony while holding MSFT's face in the dirt *with Foot*.

Zhuk3706d ago

As I said before, you can't trust a worthless tabloid blog like Kotaku who does not care for something like the truth or quality journalism and as I stated before EB just return the faulty units to MS like said in the interview

bootsielon3705d ago

Bubbles for you and kudos

SlippyMadFrog3706d ago

"Wilson said EB Games had experienced high returns due to the red ring of death issue earlier in the Xbox 360's life, but the number of defective consoles had declined since Microsoft announced the extended warranty."

I think this issue gets overplayed here at N4G. There was a big problem earlier but it seems like its sorted now more or less. Can anybody confirm a RROD falcon? I guess not since it will be 1000 degree news instantly.

ceedubya93706d ago

The 360 has been making them quite a bit of money. You don't really hear much about the RROD these days unless someone from a thread brings it up.

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