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CryEngine3 Tech Trailer

Soak in all the beautiful scenery and graphics in Crysis 3 that the CryEngine3 powers. (Cryengine 3, Industry, PC, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

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richierich  +   871d ago
PC tech demo?
raytraceme  +   871d ago
I have to admit crytek have pushed the boundaries more in terms of visuals.

However where the hell is REALTIME DESTRUCTION!?!?!?!? I want to destroy building and bridges so they can collapse on the enemies and pwn them. If bf3 can do it why not cryengine???
tachy0n  +   871d ago
the console version will look pretty close to this because of the new AA tech nvidia and crytek just developed!
h311rais3r  +   871d ago
Um....hate to burst your bubble but AA only effects jaggies......not the overall look....
givemeshelter  +   870d ago
The console versions will not look anything like this.

Consoles do not support Tessellation or DX11...so most of the advanced graphical effects won't be present on these consoles.

AA only effects Aliasing and has nothing to do with how the game actually looks.

Most of this game engine graphical effects and advanced features run in real time and higher FP which is VERY system resource intensive. Consoles cannot do this and keep fidelity and stable frame rates
This is why all consoles games for the most part run those same effects pre rendered or "pre baked" due to limitations in memory, GPU and CPU output.
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tachy0n  +   870d ago
when did i said it would look EXACTLY like the PC version?

SMAA T2X = console version


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givemeshelter  +   869d ago

This is what you said:

"the console version will look pretty close to this because of the new AA tech nvidia and crytek just developed!"

This is how I responded:

"The console versions will not look anything like this."

Please enlighten me and the rest how this equates to mean: "exactly" when you responded:

"when did i said it would look EXACTLY like the PC version?"

Do you realize NO ONE in this thread said EXACTLY?
Yet you deem it prudent to use insults in a knee jerk reaction when the term EXACTLY was never used...and then you call us "Retards"?
Reading comprehension. It's a basic skill one learns in grade school. Seems you must have missed those classes and or dropped out of grade 2.
Enjoy your ignorance.
MGS_fanatico_  +   871d ago
I guess (going by this tech demo) it seems that PC elitist's won't be having any complaints from a visual standpoint!
Which I'm honestly relieved about, because I was growing tired of all the "consoles gimped my game" rants on basically all forums...
Fishy Fingers  +   871d ago
Games need more Top Secret Tessellated Toad Tech, that's for sure.
This is obviously the power of the cell /s

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