Battlefield 4: 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

WC - Unlike the rest of the Battlefield community, I am actually pretty pumped for Battlefield 4. I thoroughly enjoyed Bad Company 2 and was blown away by Battlefield 3, but couldn’t help but feel let down by a few things.

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Zha1tan1987d ago

the horrible latency,

wouldnt miss that to be fair.

pandehz1987d ago

dunno what youre talking about i get 16ms ping

Love the dedicated servers

Zha1tan1986d ago

Talking about the client side hit detection were i get killed from behind solid cover, dropped with one bullet at mid - long range.

seanpitt231987d ago

24 players is a no go it dosnt justify the name battlefield with 12v12

h311rais3r1987d ago

The consoles are the issue. They have limited hardware remember? Unless you want it to look like poop it won't happen. Thy can only transfer so many Mbs.

seanpitt231986d ago

Thats why they should wait for next gen consoles but if you take MAG i know it wasnt the best looking game in the world but it had alot of players

Npugz71987d ago

12vs12 on the big maps is just end up running around most of the match trying to find someone!

seanpitt231986d ago

LOL someone said on pc that 64 players wasnt enough on the big maps and it felt empty i mean cmon we have to make due with 24 its a joke on operation firestorm you do more traveling than battling.

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The story is too old to be commented.