Activision announces 'Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013' and 'Fearmaster' peripheral

Examiner's David Leavitt writes: "Today Activision Publishing announced "Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013," along with a new accessory for the game: The Top Shot Fearmaster Hunting Peripheral."

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MultiConsoleGamer2019d ago

I used to like these games back when they were still open world titles.

Mutant-Spud2019d ago

Yeah me too, imagine if they used top shelf tech for a reboot of the old Big Game Hunter series.

paulj3852018d ago

Have you guys heard of Cabela's Hunting Expeditions? It's coming out the same day as this game but for PC as well. Activision promises (and backs that up with screenshots, gamemodes, etc.) that it will be just like the old games with vehicle and huge maps. But it's also going to have something the old games didn't: gun customization. It's too bad it isn't made by Cauldron, though, like this one is, their graphics engine is much better. (FUNLABS' [the company responsible for C H Expedtions] graphics engine is decent-looking, though, not to mention extremely efficient.

Mutant-Spud2018d ago

Oh cool, I wonder if one of their "All terrain vehicles" is a horse?

12345bnm2019d ago

People that hunt and kill animals for sport sicken me.

JellyJelly2019d ago

Some hunting is done for good purposes, to keep a balanced eco-system. And they treat animals way better than say McDonalds. They also kill a LOT less in comparison. Think about that the next time you order fast food :)

Mutant-Spud2018d ago

I haven't hunted for years, I'm a city person now but back when I was a teenager a lot of the prestige of hunting small game and birds was one shot kills. Wounding or otherwise allowing animals to suffer was considered bad form since we used to practice a lot on targets, the whole point was the shooting and perfecting one's marksmanship skills not so much the killing.

RmanX10002019d ago

Not to sound like an ignorant jerk but... They still make these games?