BioShock Infinite Update: Multiplayer Modes Cut, Gears Maestro Joining. But Should Fans Worry?

A string of bad news about one of the most anticipated games on the planet might be giving BioShock Infinite fans cause for concern. But the game's creative director, Ken Levine, tried to allay concerns during a call with Kotaku today. He did so on the heels of us learning some surprising details about Infinite's development from sources close to the game.

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dazzrazz2117d ago

Do not cares ! Bioshock is one of those games which did not need a multiplayer to be enjoyable for me at all.

joab7772116d ago

Yeah, how about this...DON'T do multi. If u wanna tack something on my guest, but just get back to what's important.

And I think they r feeling the pressure of perfection with nothing to fall back on. No rapture, no big daddies, no little sisters, just Levine's insane vision that is probably never quite good enough. I do worry though if they brought someone on to "get it shipped". It means that someone doesn't want this game slipping into oblivion, a deadline will be set and it will b shipped.

I just think it's really hard to make a followup to bioshock in a new setting and to know when it's done...when it's good enough. Maybe they should bring in some people and let them play it. I do know that it rests solely on Levine's shoulders because he has mentioned that no one knows the whole plot. It's meant to be a surprise. It's probably hard to get an idea of the quality of a game that way. I am hoping for the best as bioshock is my favorite game ever, but I here nervous. We have all seen what can happen when 1 or 2 guys, who have always been brilliant work on something alone. It can sometimes go bad...mass effect 3 ending?

user54670072117d ago

Multiplayer mode cut....

Best news ever :)

Lucreto2116d ago

Where does it say multiplayer was cut?

All I see it 2 modes getting cut.

Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch could still be there.

Uncharted 3 had about 8 game modes. If 2 were cancelled there would still be 6.

Daver2116d ago

its not clear if they cut the multiplayer part or only some modes.

The 2 modes they are talking in this article would have been very nice even if im not a big multiplayer fan.

WeskerChildReborned2116d ago

I didn't even buy Bioshock 2 for the MP. I just loved the story.

ame222116d ago

What a waste of resources. Why do I feel that another delay is incoming..?

mananimal2116d ago

Good Riddance to this Obsession with multiplayer, go play COD for multiplayer.
A story driven 1st person adventure game shouldn't attempt to be something its not. Make a Co-op mode for the Single player Campaign or Plan Story Driven DLC Content to maintain long
term Interest, stop this "Multi- Player" madness!!.

Having said that, I think the Dev Team should be able to focus better without having to please those "mindless drones" who whine for multi- player., geez. Bioshock IS NOT for the Casual fans, its a Core game experience. You casual fans have had plenty of other "water downed" games developed for you this Gen, go play them, & let the big boys(core gamers) play our type of games.

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