Six Dead but Memorable MMO Games

GameDynamo - "MMOs come and go. Some, you'd probably be surprised to hear are still up and running (Warhammer Online or Dark Age of Camelot anyone?) but there are a handful of MMOs that were pretty decent that just couldn't last. "

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Saryk1867d ago

Beta tested Earth and Beyond and Shadowbane, hated both. I miss Tabula Rasa, that is the one I liked!

tinydinosaurs1867d ago

Anybody want to hop on that new Neverwinter when it comes out? Message me!

sonicsidewinder1867d ago

Wow, I do remember playing Rubies of Eventide during my first foray into free online mmo's. I barely got out of the training section but I remember feeling dumb-struck by the amount of classes on offer.

Good times. The internet felt like a vast and larger place, waiting to be explored...