Gamescom 2012: Excitement, expectations and hopes for... Konami

Tom at El33tonline writes:

"Konami’s confirmed gamescom 2012 line-up isn’t particularly lengthy but it nonetheless features new entries in three established franchises: Pro Evolution Soccer, Metal Gear, and Castlevania."

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xtheownerzx1361d ago

as long as they show Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2. I will be satisfied.

OliverKO1361d ago

Lords of Shadow 2 for me - can't wait!

doogiebear1360d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5 with a new MGO. That's all I give a damn about.

Lord_Sloth1361d ago

The only thing I want is for them to take CV back to the main plotline and stop turning all of the characters into trucks.

Simon looks like a hobo now!

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn1361d ago

I loved Lord of Shadow, so I' m looking forward to the sequel.

But my main request at the moment to Konami is a new Suikoden ... I need JRPGs!