Konami Restructures – Go Replay MGS4 Now gets news of Konami's new plan for Europe, which will go into effect on April 2013. Unlike Sega, the restructuring won't cause offices in the mainland to close. Also, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots received 34 trophies, available the next time you log in with the game.

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units1867d ago

Shame Konami killed the online

2pacalypsenow1867d ago

it wasn't very good after the first big patch and the lag was never fixed

PS3isGAY1867d ago

I'd try to get the Platinum trophy on this but then i'd have to go through the TERRIBLE cutscenes again.
To tell the truth, cutting my own head off with a hedge clippers would be less painful than watching Kojima's semi-homosexual fan service.

Minato-Namikaze1867d ago

Then why comment? MGS4 is a great game and if you have ADHD then peace.

Blacktric1867d ago

"...Kojima's semi-homosexual fan service."

I have no clue how you could pick up that kind of stuff from the game or its cutscenes so I'm just gonna go ahead and say that you are a closet homosexual that tries to use the term as an insult to hide his own homosexuality. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece in terms of storytelling and visual/audio quality. You don't like the game? That is absolutely fine. Just don't come here to create your own little smear campaign on an accomplished and well received game by using half assed arguments.

PS3isGAY1867d ago

"I have no clue how you could pick up that kind of stuff from the game or its cutscenes", where do i begin? Hmm, how about the parts where Ocelot kisses Snake? Or the part where Snake grabs the statues dick? Or all the times during the series where the characters grab each others balls? Or how about the part on PW where Snake and Miller have sex in a cardboard box? Or Kojima's facination with Snakes and Raidens asses? (there are several interviews with Kojima where his hands have to be tied down so he wont wank himself to death) Or the videos Kojima releases where the male characters kiss each other?
You call MGS4 a "masterpiece" do you? LOL, MGS4 was the biggest load of bullshit on the PS3.
Overrated shit was 40 mins long with the installs and cutscene/codec parts cut out.
Now if you'll excuse me, i have a handheld that is actually worth owning to play games on. I'll play great games on my 3DS, while the rest of you keep telling yourselves that Sony will eventually do something with the Vita.
Enjoy playing Metal Gear Assfucker on your GayStation 3rd, faggots.

LKHGFDSA1867d ago

"great games on my 3DS" alright, there it is, I'm certain that he's trolling now.

2pacalypsenow1867d ago

why even Play MGS4 if you dont like CUTSCENES thats like playing COD if you like to kill people in a videogame

MattyG1867d ago

I'm sorry, but how the hell is it semi-homosexual? I think Blacktric hit the nail on the head with his closet theory. Don't like the cutscenes? Go play another game. Simple.

Tsukuyomi1867d ago

then go play on COD 360 Fanboy ass slave since you really are troll sent from xbots just play COD with zero cutscenes campers hackers etc. btw ithink theres no game on 360 or your console of choice that could compete with MGS4 masterpiece status. FACE!

MacDonagh1867d ago

Let's be real. MGS 4's plot was all over the place and the ending was horrible.

Blacktric1867d ago

Really? From what I have seen and read, the majority of people think that Metal Gear Solid 4 has one of the best endings ever since it actually ties nearly every subplot and the main plot perfectly and does not use cheap ploys to create forced drama like Mass Effect 3 and some other games' endings.. If you have ADD then it might have been hard for you to follow it. For people who actually cares about the game and discovering its story however, the game was a masterpiece.

MacDonagh1865d ago


Oh yeah. Ocelot was the real hero all along who hypnotized himself to save his hero who was a figurehead to a secret organization. If you also wanna talk about forced drama; how about the time Snake was going through a giant microwave in a button mashing scene while the MK III went through it largely unscathed?

Oh right. Nanomachines. How about Naomi killing herself because she was kept alive by nanomachines and decided to become a drama llama? Oh and Sunny being a computer programming genius who finished off the FOXALIVE virus to destroy the AI. Believe it or not. ADD doesn't help improve the plot's quality whatsoever. It's just not very well-written. OH! Shadow Moses was also a simulation. Very good writing tying everything together. /s

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