Rumor squashed: MGS4 is not coming to Wii squashes the rumors that MGS4 may come to the Wii.

"For some reason, a large portion of gamers don't know or remember that Metal Gear started on the NES back in 1988. It wasn't until 1998 when the series made the transition to the original Playstation under the title "Metal Gear Solid" that it began to take off as a successful series.

It is because of their past that Nintendo is able to gain ties to the MGS franchise. It is not uncommon for Nintendo to mix and match soundtracks from other games, I mean the game basically is a bunch of characters from a number of games coming together to duke it out."

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gamesblow3821d ago

No it didn't... It started on the MSX engine. What's wrong with these idiots? I love how everyone said I was wrong when I said this wasn't going to happen in the other thread. I love the sweet taste of being right... 98% of the time.

PirateThom3821d ago

I've found a fatal flaw in the Open/Gamer zone split. I also posted it started on the MSX because I didn't check the Open Zone.

Skerj3821d ago

What idiot believed that it would be to begin with?

-EvoAnubis-3821d ago

How was this ever a rumor? I saw it a couple of days ago and assumed it was a joke.

krackchap3821d ago

anyone wanna bet
before mgs4 is released later this year there will be rumors that mgs4 is coming to the DS, psp, gamecube, saturn, super nintendo, atari 2600 and even the new gizmondo

Dark_Overlord3821d ago

my cousins, uncles, brothers, sisters, room mate, twice removed who has no idea what a computer is says its coming to the commodore 64, and I believe him to be a very reliable source, so just you wait and see. You heard it here first


PirateThom3821d ago

Metal Gear didn't start on the NES, it started on the MSX2.

mullet3821d ago

Who the hell actually believed MGS4 will be ported to the Wii? WTF? It's staying PS3 exclusive people.

ravinash3821d ago

Ever imagined Snake looking like one of those Wii sports characters?

Lord_Ash3821d ago

Maybe they'll make "Lego: Metal Gear Solid" game, its Lego anything these days.

mistertwoturbo3821d ago

wouldn't be surprised to see a LEGO: Mass Effect

Complete with alien sex scenes.

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The story is too old to be commented.