Japan Online Gaming Stats on Console and Portable Usage

DannyChoo reports: "The Wii, NDS and PSP also takes a drop in the amount of people connected to the internet but not as much as the PS3 as you can see. The number of online XBOX 360 users has hardly changed.

Another chart from the survey shows why the users connect to the internet through their game console. Most seem to connect to get the firmware updates. 360 owners seem to connect to play online games while Wii and PS3 owners connect to buy games. Whats interesting is that 39% of Wii owners use their machine to browse the Internets - 31% of PS3 owners do the same".

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wiizy3767d ago

is it a suprise.. wii is user friendly like nintendo intended it to be

lesferdinand3767d ago

... online gaming is still very much a niche market. I've always felt that the most stupid thing Sony could do was create an online service that's a carbon copy of xbox live. Live is great for its current users and you won't convince them to jump ship by offering something similar.

Home might be the key to get more casual gamers jump into online games. And TBH I think that will not necessarily lead to a jump in online players for games like COD4 or Resistance but rather for Home's built-in games like pool.