Eurogamer Reviews Rez HD - 10/10

Via Eurogamer:

"Back in the day we said of the original: 'When Rez eventually turns up cheaply it will become indispensable, but until then it's a luxury.' Xbox Live Arcade is, then, our modern printing press: digital distribution transforming the expensive and exclusive into the affordable and inclusive. Joy has rarely come so reasonably priced and, whatever the price, videogames, rarely come so joyful. Indispensable, then."

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permutated3767d ago

This game is digital crack.

Don't believe me? Play it, it's amazing.

nn3767d ago

great game. great review. other reviewers need to learn how to write like this guy.

predator3767d ago

wow this and 1up give it 10/10 i must pick this up when i finnsih work

blacsheep3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

owners i hope this comes to ps3 aswel due to the fact i have my treasured copy of rez for my dreamcast(how it really should be played,that retro feeling and all) and i believe this is a game soo unique that all gamers should experience this game if they missed it all those years ago.

4cough3766d ago

Excellent game, I've had more fun out of this game in 30mins than Ive had out of my one year old ps3 .

AceLuby3766d ago

You're really missing out on some good games then. Have you tried any of the arcade games on the PSN? HVB, Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust HD, Super Puzzle Fighter... Not to mention the plethora of regular games to play and you say you got more enjoyment out of this in a half hour? I'll just assume you don't even own a PS3.

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