GDC:Home Tools and Support: Creating Content for PlayStation Home

Speaker: James Cox (Senior Producer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), Warren Keyes (Lead Tools Programmer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
Date/Time: Thursday (February 21, 2008) 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location (room): Room 3002, West Hall
Track: Production
Experience Level: All

Session Description
This presentation will cover an overview of the current Home Tools features and the feature roadmaps for the future. Additionally we shall walk through the process of creating a space for Home and show a guide to creating 3D mini-games within the Home environments. Wrapping up we shall take a sneak peak at Home Interactive Item creation.

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Rattles3854d ago

there will be tools for creating your own mini games inside of home!!!

Blademask3854d ago

I know they want to get it just right so they get no complaints, but if there is something @ gdc thats going to be released in 09. Whats the point.

Sony already has people buying PS3's based on the general notion of 'home' then are confused with 1995 Looking psn.

I hate it so much.

But I know I'll love it when it comes out, and ill forget everything I just said right now.

To the future!

Burekman3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Yeah I noticed that too. I think it was Uncharted that I got this leaflet advertising Home. It said "join the Home community" or something similar. The only problem is you can't... yet.

I'm also sceptical about the release date. I mean spring is getting closer and closer and we haven't heard anything new. To top it off there was no open beta last year... Hope they do make it but I won't be surprised if it gets delayed till fall 08, or even 09.