Rumor: Sonic to Exclusively Support Blu-ray Encoding


"Inside sources have alerted that Sonic Solutions will soon announce that they are dropping HD DVD support on their Scenarist line of professional disc authoring tools. While they will continue to support existing HD DVD customers, focus will now be on generating new business for their Blu-ray encoding solution. No word on whether or not they will also drop HD DVD support on their popular Roxio line of consumer burning software at this time."

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LastDance3824d ago

The Current is just getting stronger and stronger.

gta_cb3824d ago

agreed, and hopefully this will improve the way they make their software because i have tried their software in the past and it really has been sh!t.

ShiftyLookingCow3824d ago

Hmm and I was thinking Sonic the Hedgehog went BluRay exclusive ...

Lord Cheese3824d ago

hopefully shadow and tails will stay on hd-dvd and dissappear too...

RecSpec3824d ago

Shadow isn't that bad, at least not compared to the other characters they pulled out of the sky. Big the Cat, E10 whatever, Tikal, Silver. Those are way worse. And why would you want Tails to go, that's like asking Luigi to disappear. Come on.

mistertwoturbo3824d ago

is this really all that surprising?

WilliamRLBaker3824d ago

Yet another format war article ment for flamebait and increased degree's is it important to gamerS? no its important to fanboys.

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