RUMOR: Retro's next title is a Zelda spin-off that Could be announced at E3

You heard it right. Surfer Girl (yes, another surfer girl rumor) has posted something no one really saw coming. Rather then another Metroid game, Retro Studio's next title might be a Zelda spin-off, that may be announced at E3.

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Theo11303796d ago

Is it going to include a princess, and a bunch of triangles, yeah haven't heard this story before

gamesblow3796d ago

We didn't see it coming... ? Neither did she... She makes this **** up and tries to land in the even pile as often as possible. She usually just misses, though. Dinging her head on rusty nails all the way to a watery grave.

UltramanJ3796d ago

How about letting Retro do a new Nintendo property instead? I'd love to see these guys helm a new action/adventure.

wiizy3796d ago

nice.. i knew there would be a couple more huge announcements from the big n.

smash-brother-103795d ago

if they make it as good as they made the prime series im all for. still would prefer if they did an all new game of any sort