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The Last Guardian Trademark “Dead” and “Abandoned”

Bad news for fans of critical hits ICO and SOTC – Sony has left the The Last Guardian trademark to become “dead” and “abandoned”. - PSLS (PS3, The Last Guardian)

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alexcosborn  +   998d ago
I'm shocked! I thought Sony was brining on help from other devs to get this one finished.

This is very unfortunate :(
dbjj12088  +   998d ago
I'm not shocked. What kind of sales was this going to bring in anyway?
doctorstrange  +   998d ago
Yeah, but they must have invested quite a bit already.
b163o1  +   998d ago
The problem I had with this game, was the gameplay looked just like ICO minus the girl. I really didn't see the hype in it besides the developer...
guitarded77  +   998d ago
TLG could have just been a code name. Maybe they plan on a new title. Just being optimistic :D
da_2pacalypse  +   998d ago
*cries* :'(

well this kind of ruined my day :(
darthv72  +   998d ago
the game is getting a new name so no need for TLG anymore. We will see some footage of it at TGS soon enough.
sikbeta  +   998d ago
Team ICO don't make game for the sales, ICO and SOTC were showcases, now that Ueda is leaving there is no need to keep investing in that team anymore, Western Devs can make better games in less time, SCEA and SCEE have done much more than SCEJ could have ever hope...
Muffins1223  +   998d ago
I would of bought it...
NastyLeftHook0  +   998d ago
Who knows? Probably quite a bit. I would have bought it. I love the series, its so deep and creative. It would have gained tons of good media probably because of how great it looked, went on to get a game of the year award, ended up selling 4-5 million, who knows.
-Alpha  +   998d ago

u r sadly correct. maybe this was a way to cut losses. but its just too unbelievable. maybe they modified the name, tlg is too popular now to change it completly. It kills me to see japanese games get turned upside down like this

Edit: Hm im reading that the same thing happened to ff versus last year, and that game is still in development..time to spam Sony twitter
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Nitrowolf2  +   998d ago
Um guys
you do know that if a Trademark is left unused or whatever for a very long period of time they get marked Abandoned right? It's like that in the US at least. All this means is that Sony hasn't used it yet (by US standards), and since they were the exclusive owners of it it doesn't fall under the rules that anyone can buy and register it. Sony will re-register or do a name change.
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BinaryMind  +   998d ago
I would like to see a news story that doesn't spell doom for this title.
-Alpha  +   998d ago

Didnt know that and thatd explain FF Versus having its trademark marked as dead too. Whew, I feel better but have always dreaded seeing this headline

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fighisimo  +   998d ago
If gaming continues being measured for its revenues, it can be dead and done. Thank's to guys like you two
knowyourstuff  +   998d ago
With the right marketing campaign you can sell anything, you just need to tailor your message to your audience, something Sony has had troubles doing for the longest time.

But really, Sony has reached a wider audience with the ICO collection HD remakes, so with right amount of hype (not too much), they'll sell a good amount of copies. I think Sony is a big fan of the what the Dev team has created, so they're more willing to give them help. If this was another team they'd be out the door long ago.
AAACE5  +   998d ago
With sonys financial situation im not surprised. I was actually one of the few who bought ico on ps2. Seeing how sales for these unique games have been hit or miss, i can see how a 3rd game can bee seen as risky.

Also keep in mind that they probably just changed the name.
ZombieKiller  +   998d ago
Sony doesn't care JUST about sales. Hence why you don't see advertisements all over the dashboa-- uh I mean XMB.
xursz  +   998d ago
I agree that Sony's western studios are nothing short of amazing but this is no reason to discredit Japan Studio, the co-creator of Demon's Souls. Ico and SotC are still iconic games, synonymous with the production values of SJS.
vega275  +   998d ago
the game is still in development as per a sony rep tweeting an update on TLG


hopefully the internet will calm down with this bit of news.
EVILDEAD360  +   998d ago

The ONE game that looked to be one of the defining moments this gen...This one hurt BAD..

But hope it truly is still in development...fires up PS3 Slim and starts to play SOTC HD in 3D while drinking heavily..

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CmonBeReal   997d ago | Spam
dboyc310  +   998d ago
most likely renamed and will be shown at gamescom. Wasn't one of the unannounced titles Japanese?
Sony themselves have said the game isn't cancelled so i believe them. The Last Guardian was a really good name for it though.
adonis183  +   998d ago | Funny
this is how i feel about this lol
akaakaaka  +   998d ago
i lol
50Terabytespersec  +   998d ago
Highly doubt if it was abandoned but renamed and rebooted like many Sony films etc...
This game was and will be astonishing so were the past games made by Ueda Son ..
pr0digyZA  +   998d ago
Didn't Sony say that it would be released no matter what?

If not then I will still wait till Sony themselves confirm.
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Knight_Crawler  +   998d ago
Sony said that before they were in this mess that they are in financially and before the restructure.

Kaz has to play his cards right if he want to bring Sony back to good standings and cutting certain project is one one of being more cost effective.
showtimefolks  +   998d ago
Sony world wide studios president about a month ago it's still in development. Santa Monica studios sent some of their most talented people to help. I just think this game will go in hiding and all of the sudden be a quench title for ps4

I dont think ts canceled more like on hold

Who the heck cares about sales SOTC lifetime sales are over 2 million not counting digital so the game could be a success. Sony takes risks with heir games like heavy rain this and beyond 2 souls

Everything isn't about sales by that standard COD is the best game over
xtremeimport  +   998d ago
could they not has just changed the name?
ATi_Elite  +   998d ago
This means NOTHING!!
Santa Monica was brought in to fix and complete the game and that's what they are gonna DO!

Sony letting go "The Last Guardian" title just could be a move determined by the Lawyers to prevent lawsuits from EX Team Ico members or Fumito Ueda who have left. Fumito Ueda is still helping complete the game but is working as a "Freelancer".

The game will be released in 2013!
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modesign  +   998d ago
sony is a publisher, they hand the developers the money and the developers are suppose to bring a game to completion, TLG was a cool concept but the developer failed to bring it to completion, The end.
Lovable  +   998d ago
Abandon all hope people..tlg is dead officially! :)
adonis183  +   998d ago
lol loook everyone
mewhy32  +   998d ago
I am VERY disappointed. This is the main reason that I purchased my ps3 slim. Wow, I mean wow. I've played most of the other exclusive titles but this was the primary reason for my purchase.
chazjamie  +   998d ago
i know your pain dude, the ps3 is so disappointing in every way. i bought it specifically for mgs 4. sure i enjoyed titles such as lbp and uncharted 2, but i knew their had to be more than this. i wish i got an xbox, but its too late now .
zeddy  +   998d ago
could be a name change but thats just me digging for some hope. im sure Shuhei Yoshida said the game was still alive but it doesnt look good. what a shame.
andibandit  +   997d ago
No worries people, Sony are just letting the name go and opting for "The Last ChickenDog"
DeadlyFire  +   997d ago
Its called a name change....
Emilio_Estevez  +   998d ago
Uh ohh.....hopefully just a renewal deadline they forgot about.

Or maybe a name change..
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KiRBY3000  +   998d ago
im thinking a name change too.

maybe they dont want people to be confused thinking "The Last Guardian" and "The Last of Us" are somewhat related.

the development for this game has been pretty chaotic though, which is never a good thing.
Cryptcuzz  +   998d ago
This is the most logical explanation.

A name change will be revealed, new game footage will be shown, release date will be announced come TGS. You can count on it!

I am however being optimistic about all this, but I highly doubt this game is cancelled with all the resources thrown at it, as well as Sony SSM studios working on the game.
WeskerChildReborned  +   998d ago
Yea i would hate for this game to be cancelled. It looked like it had potential.
Knight_Crawler  +   998d ago
Your a glass half full instaed of half empty guy...bubbles.
Emilio_Estevez  +   998d ago
Turned out I was right too! There is a story with Sony saying someone forgot to renew :)
Honky Kong  +   998d ago
or it will be a WiiU exclusive?
doctorstrange  +   998d ago
Oh shit
Please don't let it be cancelled.
Sev  +   998d ago
I am a murderer! What have I done!?!
doctorstrange  +   998d ago
You bastard!
forever_milan  +   998d ago
Is that you Sebastian?? :) Love PSLS :D
doctorstrange  +   998d ago
Yup :)
Prcko   998d ago | Bad language | show
RedSoakedSponge  +   998d ago

that is all.
solar  +   998d ago
Awh i hope its not dead! :(((((
Fullmetalevolust  +   998d ago
Say it isn't so! I hope it's a rename, that game has gone through so much development hell, it needs to see a release and catch some sale success.
One of the most anticipated games this gen, the very reason why the PlayStation brand is so diverse game wise.
There are no experiences like ICO and SOTC.
Kratoscar2008  +   998d ago
Sony would be a dick for canceling this game.

Cancel any FPS you have and bring this one out, wich i KNOW will be totally worth.
Knight_Crawler  +   998d ago
I agree...they need to reduce Gorilla Games budget from AAA to AA since KZ has not lived up to what Naughty Dogs has giving us with Uncharted.

TLG looked amazing and if this is true that it is canned then I ma very dissapointed in Sony for cutting this and keeping games like Sorcery and That Harry Potter wonder book crap.
Kratoscar2008  +   998d ago
Sometimes i hate that gaming has shifted to the masses, KZ is good but in this FPS filled generation it just doesnt shine anymore.

SotC is awesome and im going to play ICO soon and then i want to play TLG.
doctorstrange  +   998d ago
Cancel Wonderbook instead, I want this!
NastyLeftHook0  +   998d ago
I despise that little book. Its a damned book of curses and spells now
smashcrashbash  +   998d ago
They have stated several times that it is still in development. Will wait for confirmation
Reborn  +   998d ago
I could've sworn recently they spoke about it still being in development? Hopefully that remains true.

Here: http://n4g.com/news/1042835...
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mafiahajeri  +   998d ago
I could have sworn I just saw that at the bottom of the article in the related news section :P

@NDIVHU No its just seems weird that they say its still in devolpment and then say its canceled 19 days later they should have not said anything if things were heading in that direction. Pretty sure it hasnt happened before
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yesmynameissumo  +   998d ago
I'd rather it be dead than released and be half assed.
Dms2012  +   998d ago
Not exactly a money making juggernaut for Sony anyway, too bad though. This would have been amazing. I was just being an ass with the lol, sorry guys.
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Alos88  +   998d ago
Wasn't there recently a Ubisoft game that had an expired trademark, only for Ubisoft to state it was still being made? Brothers in Arms: Furious Four I believe.
gemc666  +   998d ago
this is just a change of name, probably sony will trademark TLG or the game will be call The last guardian: "xxxxxxxxsomething"
negroguy  +   998d ago
The related news article has Sony stating it's still in development just 19 days ago. I don't think its true unless they've had a change of heart within the past 3 weeks.
user7792788  +   998d ago
Yous should wait until Sony officially says something before getting to emotional.

This could mean nothing, just like the FFv13 rumor a few weeks back...
Sev  +   998d ago
Cool name. Does this mean you only talk shit?
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mafiahajeri  +   998d ago
hmm it got canceled in 19 days?

Blankman85  +   998d ago
You saying there's a minimum time for a decision to be made? 19 days is plenty.
theWB27  +   998d ago
I'm not understanding why so many people would be so disappointed in a game they know nothing about, has been in development hell which probably means some major coding problems ala NBA Elite, the visionary Fumito Ueda left a long time ago, there has been no news about progress. For all we know that could mean they are figuring out ways to fix it instead of moving forward in actual development.

The worst thing that can happen to anything in development is progress coming to a halt and money being spent on anything other than development. If they changed the name I'm betting this game is no where near the same vision as when development first started with Fumita.
kane_1371  +   997d ago
you have no idea what you are talking about!
Ueda is still working on the title, he is a free lancer now, that's all
theWB27  +   997d ago
Being a freelancer and a the man in charge of development is vastly different titles mixed with coding problems and the executive producer leaving mixed with 3 years of seeing one trailer (which means they were working on the game years before the trailer even debuted) Sony having to reassure the title is even still being made....yeah that looks like business a usual.

You can be blind to all those signs, set yourself for disappointment that things are just fine and the game will be a masterpiece...go ahead. I won't.
kane_1371  +   997d ago
Good for you, don't.

The man is a free lancer = not signed with a company
he is still working on the title, since he began on it.
Like guys from thatgamecompany.

We had 2 trailers.
The game began development late 2009.

Obviously you have forgotten about SOTC, or as I mentioned earlier, you have no clue
theWB27  +   997d ago
: )

You think game development started late 2009? The first trailer released in may of 09 and had an original release year of 2010... That's some fast development my friend. They had a job posting in 08 for it with a single screenshot. R&D started before the job posting I'm sure.

Your blindness and being clueless amuses me greatly. Read about all the problems they've had before trying to prove a point.

Fumita doesn't and didn't work for thatgamecompany.....he's made 2 other titles and never used that strategy before he does now?
kane_1371  +   995d ago
Ummmm what?
You are a little Confused.
i said Ueda left Sony, but since it was his project he works on it untilled ituntilled is done.

Just like the guys in ThatGameCompany did, when they were leaving TGC
zu4G  +   998d ago
is this A Rumor?
The Last Guardian on Microsoft is Bad
doctorstrange  +   998d ago
Rumor would be that it's canceled. The trademark dying is fact.
QuinnSullivan  +   998d ago
Let just hope to god Sony says, "Oh Shit! We forgot to renew!" And not "Yeah the game is dead."
MaideninBlack  +   998d ago
I got news for anyone jumping the gun: Final Fantasy Versus XIII trademark was Dead and Abandon last October but was revived in January.

Dlacy13g  +   998d ago
Lets hope the game is getting a different name. I for one really wanted see more of this title. It had promise but I needed to see more in order for me to get hyped for it.
TheMasterShake  +   998d ago
i think the name is being changed, i predicted this to happen it's no longer a project being made by the japan studio. it being made by multiple devs so the whole direction has probably been modified but with some old elements of the previous build. if canceled that would suck but hey on bright side its saves me more money for other games.
NastyLeftHook0  +   998d ago

i love how the title uses dead and abandoned, so dramatic. im sure this game is coming, ico/shadow were one of the greatest games ever released.
SageHonor  +   998d ago
People are gonna overreact to this
NastyLeftHook0  +   998d ago
100 comments Minimum.
theunleashed64  +   998d ago
too late 50 comments already, story is posted on neogaf and ign has already gotten a article on it. wouldn't be surprised when the other gaming sites follow cue, final fantasy versus 13 cancellation rumor all over again.
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Der_Kommandant  +   998d ago
I don't want to live in this planet anymore
Dms2012  +   998d ago
Then come to the surface, we have sun up here.
kane_1371  +   997d ago
you get bubbles my friend
AngelicIceDiamond  +   998d ago
"Of course, this could possibly now mean Microsoft could buy the game rights to Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian and completely confuse people."

Why would MS situate themselves with the game? Sony never said it was canceled. So bringing up MS is is undoubtedly "confusing."
Simco876  +   998d ago
MS takes over? lol....

Call of Guardian

Will sell millions!
Dread  +   998d ago
whatever dude.

go play Final Fantasy XIII Versus

and ill keep my Halo 4. I bet that does not get cancelled.
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