Debate: does PS3 need Gran Turismo 6 or should it wait for PS4?

It’s debate time as Phil and Dave argue over whether we want to see Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 now, or wait a bit to see what PS4 brings. How patient are you?

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wishingW3L2082d ago

PS4. GT5 is goldlike. I know they would be able to improve a couple of things here and there but nothing worth a sequel. GT6 should already be in development for PS4.

Abash2082d ago

GT5 is still selling well, GT6 should be released on PS4

darthv722082d ago

you had two GT games on the ps1 and then two more on the ps2. Now the initial release on each platform were the better received versions.

I'd say sony should hold off the next GT for the next PS just to ensure it will have a solid sell through. I mean looking at the sales of the GT series you had GT1 outsell GT2 and then GT3 outsell GT4.

Sony wouldnt want to jeopardize the amount of time and $$ invested in GT6 only to have it come up short in comparison to GT5. That is just from a business POV.

from the gamer POV I would like to see what kind of enhancements the team can do on next gen hardware. Yes they could make improvements like ND did with the uncharted series over time we want improvements or do we want something revolutionary?

Revolutionary can only come from a new platform. If it were to come out on the existing platform it would be considered evolutionary instead. Doesnt mean it wouldnt be good but there would always be that...what if...thought in peoples minds.

sikbeta2082d ago

GT5 is great but could be better, with a more powerful console PD can do even more awesome stuff, so GT6 for PS4 please.

Larry L2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I still play GT5 daily. Personally, I'm fine either way. But if GT6 is going to be a PS4 game, I want more track DLC for GT5.

There are positives either way it ends up going down. For the future of PS4, Sony couldn't POSSIBLY get a better scenario than GT6 being a PS4 launch/window game. GT fans are hardcore, and if that were the case it would guarantee Sony millions of hardware and software sales right out of the gate.

On the other hand GT6 being a late PS3 game also has some major positives. One being PD and Yamauchi-san saving face. Now I'm not saying GT5 was some failure like fanboys on the web like to say it is. but the fact is that GT5 was one of the first ever PS3 games in development. The engine for GT5 was complete long before developers like Guerilla, Naughty Dog, Insolmniac and Santa Monica unlocked the secrets of the PS3's hardware. Their knowledge couldn't help GT5 due to the timeframes not lining up.

If GT6 were on PS3 what you would see is all that Sony 1st party knowledge of PS3's hardware being put to use in GT6, where it couldn't be put to use in GT5. Sure they made graphical adjustments to GT5 through patching in what they could. But you can't just patch into a completed game's engine the kind of software technology that makes games like GoW3, Killzone 2 and 3 and Uncharted 2 and 3 so visually stunning. That stuff can only be added to an engine when you're starting a new game.

Another advantage to GT6 being on PS3 would be sales for the game. Regardless of how many GT fanboys like myself would buy PS4 at launch just for GT6, PS3 now has a huge install base, so no matter what GT6 sales would be much greater on PS3 than PS4.

GT6 being on PS4 would be great for Sony getting PS4 off the ground. GT6 would be like a Saturn V rocket in that sense. And it would be great for PS4 early adopters to have such a high quality game at launch/in the launch window. But it wouldn't be so great for GT fans on PS3 because they never got a GT on PS3 that is IMO up to the potential of a GT on PS3.

GT6 being on PS3 would be great for gamers because you're going to get a GT up to that PS3 standard we all know it could reach. It would be great for Sony and PD in terms of sales and getting Gran Turismo's reputation back on top before next gen. But it would be bad in the sense that if GT6 comes out on PS3, it's going to be a long time into PS4's lifecycle, before a GT comes out for that hardware.

All around, it would be better for everyone as a whole for GT6 to be a PS3 game. But it would be better for PS4 itself and us gamers next gen if it were a PS4 game. I'm not exactly sure which scenario I'm in favor of when I think it through. But what I and sure of is that Sony and PD need to make their decision ASAP and let the public know. ANd if it is going to be a PS4 game.......I want more GT5 tracks in the meantime.

Ares84HU2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I think it'll be on PS5. /sarcasm

Look how long it took them to release a single GT game on the PS3. On PS1 you had two GT games, on PS2 the same..... but the development of GT5 took ages and a lot of the tracks were just HD remakes of PS2 GT tracks. Also, not all cars were made the same way, some looked better than others.

So, I don't know if they will be able to release a GT6 on PS3.

Maybe they need a bigger team or more time....don't know.

IRetrouk2082d ago

The first gt took 5 years the 3rd also took a while, new hardware usually means longer dev times for the first games, I want a gt 6 this gen but it's probs not gonna happen, even though they have said they are working on it

Outside_ofthe_Box2082d ago

Whenever it's ready. If it's ready for the PS3 then release it on the PS3. If not then release it on the PS4.

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