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Submitted by leonHurley 1278d ago | opinion piece

Debate: does PS3 need Gran Turismo 6 or should it wait for PS4?

It’s debate time as Phil and Dave argue over whether we want to see Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 now, or wait a bit to see what PS4 brings. How patient are you? (Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo 6, Industry, PS3)

wishingW3L  +   1278d ago
PS4. GT5 is goldlike. I know they would be able to improve a couple of things here and there but nothing worth a sequel. GT6 should already be in development for PS4.
Abash  +   1278d ago
GT5 is still selling well, GT6 should be released on PS4
darthv72  +   1278d ago
given their routine...
you had two GT games on the ps1 and then two more on the ps2. Now the initial release on each platform were the better received versions.

I'd say sony should hold off the next GT for the next PS just to ensure it will have a solid sell through. I mean looking at the sales of the GT series you had GT1 outsell GT2 and then GT3 outsell GT4.

Sony wouldnt want to jeopardize the amount of time and $$ invested in GT6 only to have it come up short in comparison to GT5. That is just from a business POV.

from the gamer POV I would like to see what kind of enhancements the team can do on next gen hardware. Yes they could make improvements like ND did with the uncharted series over time we want improvements or do we want something revolutionary?

Revolutionary can only come from a new platform. If it were to come out on the existing platform it would be considered evolutionary instead. Doesnt mean it wouldnt be good but there would always be that...what if...thought in peoples minds.
sikbeta  +   1278d ago
GT5 is great but could be better, with a more powerful console PD can do even more awesome stuff, so GT6 for PS4 please.
Larry L  +   1278d ago
I still play GT5 daily. Personally, I'm fine either way. But if GT6 is going to be a PS4 game, I want more track DLC for GT5.

There are positives either way it ends up going down. For the future of PS4, Sony couldn't POSSIBLY get a better scenario than GT6 being a PS4 launch/window game. GT fans are hardcore, and if that were the case it would guarantee Sony millions of hardware and software sales right out of the gate.

On the other hand GT6 being a late PS3 game also has some major positives. One being PD and Yamauchi-san saving face. Now I'm not saying GT5 was some failure like fanboys on the web like to say it is. but the fact is that GT5 was one of the first ever PS3 games in development. The engine for GT5 was complete long before developers like Guerilla, Naughty Dog, Insolmniac and Santa Monica unlocked the secrets of the PS3's hardware. Their knowledge couldn't help GT5 due to the timeframes not lining up.

If GT6 were on PS3 what you would see is all that Sony 1st party knowledge of PS3's hardware being put to use in GT6, where it couldn't be put to use in GT5. Sure they made graphical adjustments to GT5 through patching in what they could. But you can't just patch into a completed game's engine the kind of software technology that makes games like GoW3, Killzone 2 and 3 and Uncharted 2 and 3 so visually stunning. That stuff can only be added to an engine when you're starting a new game.

Another advantage to GT6 being on PS3 would be sales for the game. Regardless of how many GT fanboys like myself would buy PS4 at launch just for GT6, PS3 now has a huge install base, so no matter what GT6 sales would be much greater on PS3 than PS4.

GT6 being on PS4 would be great for Sony getting PS4 off the ground. GT6 would be like a Saturn V rocket in that sense. And it would be great for PS4 early adopters to have such a high quality game at launch/in the launch window. But it wouldn't be so great for GT fans on PS3 because they never got a GT on PS3 that is IMO up to the potential of a GT on PS3.

GT6 being on PS3 would be great for gamers because you're going to get a GT up to that PS3 standard we all know it could reach. It would be great for Sony and PD in terms of sales and getting Gran Turismo's reputation back on top before next gen. But it would be bad in the sense that if GT6 comes out on PS3, it's going to be a long time into PS4's lifecycle, before a GT comes out for that hardware.

All around, it would be better for everyone as a whole for GT6 to be a PS3 game. But it would be better for PS4 itself and us gamers next gen if it were a PS4 game. I'm not exactly sure which scenario I'm in favor of when I think it through. But what I and sure of is that Sony and PD need to make their decision ASAP and let the public know. ANd if it is going to be a PS4 game.......I want more GT5 tracks in the meantime.
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Ares84HU  +   1278d ago
I think it'll be on PS5. /sarcasm

Look how long it took them to release a single GT game on the PS3. On PS1 you had two GT games, on PS2 the same..... but the development of GT5 took ages and a lot of the tracks were just HD remakes of PS2 GT tracks. Also, not all cars were made the same way, some looked better than others.

So, I don't know if they will be able to release a GT6 on PS3.

Maybe they need a bigger team or more time....don't know.
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IRetrouk  +   1278d ago
The first gt took 5 years the 3rd also took a while, new hardware usually means longer dev times for the first games, I want a gt 6 this gen but it's probs not gonna happen, even though they have said they are working on it
remanutd55  +   1278d ago
Ps_alm3k  +   1278d ago
ps4! baby!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1278d ago
Whenever it's ready. If it's ready for the PS3 then release it on the PS3. If not then release it on the PS4.
PockyKing  +   1278d ago
Edito  +   1278d ago
I think the PS3 doesn't need GT6 they can bring it on PS4 in day One...

GT6, KZ4, Uncharted 4, God of War 4 Infamous 4 Little Big Plannet 3 damn this is the ultimate dream imagine all those games on the PS4 launch line up :)
NastyLeftHook0  +   1278d ago
Godmars290  +   1278d ago
With the complaints GT5 receives the PS3 could use GT6, though of course it could be done better on the PS4.
xflo360  +   1278d ago
xbox 720!! jk lol
yewles1  +   1278d ago
PS3, but not too soon please.
Biohazard8860  +   1278d ago
doublebass2  +   1278d ago
if its anything like the redicullusly pached predecessor,then ps4 all the way!Seriously update 11?(maybe more?i have nt touched it a while)After 5 years developmnet time,and still with flaws?I d rather wait a complete and thorouhly inspected title then a broken and earlier relased one any day!(skyrim anyone?)And this time,full customization and graphics equally for all cars please!!Disagree all you want,i could care less,thats how I want my games,complete from the start,not pached!
Knushwood Butt  +   1277d ago
Flaws like what?

I'd love to read your detailed analysis.
doublebass2  +   1277d ago
Gladly so i can finally shut some arrogant wannabe gamers with opinions..even though many have already attested these(both gamers and journalists),i ll gladly remind you some"flaws" ..

1)some physics are completely wrong,some also got fixed by updates,bumping with a car beside or in front does nt necessearaly mean your car stops moving as well(imagine having a way more powerfull car than the one you are crushing with and your car halting even thogh your gas pedal is floored..reality check polyphony)

2)not enough customization on tuning the vehicles on several variables both inside outside for the car,at least with other great racers these d know if you checked other racers..

3)the as mentioned above,all cars this time treated equally visually..Having a backened interior after update instead of a normally displayed interior dash is hilarious for 800 cars in my book..

4) i have to say more ? for a game that was being developed for such a long time,is inexcusable.only somewhat good for a few cars?really?

5)Tearing?even @720p?when cornering with other cars? and dropping frames?i d trade 4aa for 2aa and constant 60 fps no tearing please!!

6)smoke effects and shadow artifacting?hillarious and unrealistic sounds for most cars? i could swear they must have put a vaccum cleaner recording for some cars!!(ok somewhat exaggerated,but,sounds are awfull for most part,even squeeking tyre sound is nt that good for 5 yaer old developed racer of Gt s magnitude!!
7)a more interesting carreer,sometimes it got boring to death,and more interesting music songs this time i hope!

There could b more"flaws i am missing out but i have given a picture that these "issues"should already have been addressed for a game with such a long development period.They could make a perfect game ,instaed they choose to rely on the previous installments,and let the competition surpass it in numerous ways!!I hope they dont do the same mistake again in GT6..

I hope you loved reading those btw!!..
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Knushwood Butt  +   1277d ago
You make some valid comments, but there's a difference between a flaw and something you'd like to see changed.

1) Yeah, the difference in properties between the AI cars and your car are there and can be annoying. I'd like to see this improved too.

2) This is more your preference / opinion than a flaw. The one thing that bugs me is that there are no upgrades available for brakes, which is weird. As for not being able to slap stickers on your cars or whatever, I have zero interest in that personally.

3) Yeah, it would be great if the game have over 1000 cars of the 'premium' type, but let's be realistic at the same time.

4) Damage? I'd like mechanical damage, so that there are actually some consequences to making contact. Visual damage for the eye candy? It's bottom of my list of things to work on.

5) Well, this can be considered a flaw, but if it does happen it's very rare.

6) Again, this isn't really a flaw. Would I like improved engine sounds etc? Yes. The smoke really isn't an issue, although it should linger a bit longer.

7) Opinion, not a flaw.

In the end, there's nothing else around that can come close to competing with the scope that's on offer in GT5. Could some things be better? Yes.
doublebass2  +   1277d ago
you are certainly being correct that most of my thoughts are actually my preferences.But there is one thing that crossed my mind when writing those..That there already is another racer that does perform better than GT5 in most shared aspects,and it s not a 5 years old developed game!!yeah i mean the direct competition racing game.Forza series!!

I know its is missing things such as night racing.(Not that GT5 nails it completely,since firstly there only a small number of tracks that include night racing..Why not every single one track have weather and day night effects i say?They had the time to do it!!)And that is also poorly implemented(meaning no real dynamic lights and shadow casted when the lights from the car driven,hit the car in front..)I thing and hope that Project cars will have something promising even for consoles to show on that matter!

I know Forza does nt have dirt or snow racing events(gt series had that a loooong time ago,and its a nice feature to have)even though i d like for forza to have one as well,but its like looking the tree and missing the forest!!There are already released racers from Forza and Gt that nail dirt,and rally races, better in general(richard burns,the older dirt and collin mc rae..etc).I can go play those and have more fun instead of just playing Gt.

I know Forza is not having may aspects of Gt5, like weather ,night-day tracks,better wheel pedals peripheral support,1000+cars

(ok,600+in Forza 4 is a good number too!!i dont remember anyone complaining about the 200 cars in gt2..after all,you can t possibly buy and simultaneously drive all 1000+cars,some suck big time for any event!!not to mention that a game does nt need 50evo's,70 skyline's,20 s2000 that drive and handle almost the same,just a different paint job to distinguish)!!

Etc.But i also know this:

It seems that every single aspect that is shared between both Forza and gt5,Forza does it better,sometimes marginaly sometimes way better!That would not be a such problem if Gt5 was released 2 years after gt4..but we all know that did nt happen!!Gt5 kept postponing release dates,while advertising its self as the top racer ever,and when it was released at last,it was nothing more than an overhyped messy game(that even after so many patches its still has problems)and did nt deliver a 5year old developed game,but a 2 good year old game that mostly took what its predecessor did and just improve some aspects,still not revised already problematic features(A.I.,damage,customiza tion)that have already been adressed better in Forza series!!

I really wanted Gt5 to be that game it was supposed to be,hell,i bought a ps3 2010 just for that!!I ve been playing gt series since ps1!Hell its one of the reason i became a car enthousiast myself(i drive a 367 whp TOYOTA STARLET,the one in my avatar)

Forza 1,was not as good as Gt series,but it had already started paying attention to missing features(damage,sounds,customi zation..etc) in gt series.Forza 2 was improved after 2years and begun competing fairly good with the racing behemoth known as Gt.Forza 3 blew me away for what they achieved in 2 years after Forza2,a vastly improved game.Forza 4 had the burden of competing with Forza 3(an already better game in general than Gt5),and while it seems that its more like a Forza 3.5,its still a better game than Forza 3,but imagine how hard is to overcome an already excellent game as Forza 3,still an achievement in my book!!That also took 2years developer time.In a generation console period,it managed the unthinkable,compete and somewhat surpassed a game that was excellent from a company(polyphony)that set the bar way high since 1995!
doublebass2  +   1277d ago
My point:Gt 5 had both time AND money to vastly improve from previous title released by Polyphony.Instead ,they choose to just increase number of tracks and cars,better graphics,and leave some already troubled aspects as they were with previous title or marginally improved!!I played both game series,and enjoy both,right now Forza series is a better game..

Its like having 2 basketball players,one is 1.80m(forza) and the other is 2.30m(Gt).You can easily expect that the 2.3m slam dunks impressively and far more easily than the 1.80m player..But if they both slam dunk,who is the one who made more effort,and who is the one that should be more highly praised?

In one generation,Forza presented a more well around game and competed with the best by gradually improving itself.Gt just stood still for the most part.

i say all the above just to show why the Gt competitor really does deserve the phrase"king of the road"now.It started as medium to good,and became best,the gt series just did excelent to excellent..who has to be praised more?

I cant really figure out why most persons here have to defend a game just beacause is on their console of choise(hilarious arguement since we play games,not consoles..).i think there are 2 types:the ones that did nt play both games,so they dont know what the competition has to offer,and the ones that played Forza epidermically and are too stubborn to admit,that Gt 5 is an indeed great game,but not the best as advertised,and certainly not a game being developed for 5 years.they would be excused if it was developed for 2,3 tops years.(Really took more time for poorly importing 800 cars,and that is an excuse for longer developer time period?)not 5!!

All i am saying is that defending a game that did nt actually deliver what was promised(for example,better damage than anything seen?I wish polyphony did nt say that a few years ago,since its a big marketing P.R. fat lie!!)i dont think that most people here realise that by defendeding a game that was great but not best,they dont help the series improve!!I wish they did express their true feelings,instead of hiding behind a wrong attitude to praise a gmae that actually does nt deserve that praise!!It would probably make a better GT6 game!!That why i want Gt6 to be released next gen,to have polyphony a more direct look to what the competition has done better,and improve their game ,winning back the crown they formerly held!!
Gt5 is one of the best games I played, its just not an improved game compared to competition!!and only competition makes a game better!!i hope they realise that next gen and learn from their mistakes!!

another example of the gt and forza series is the Pro evolution and fifa series..Pro was the best for a long period,and great game,fifa was a joke arcadey 19 goals per 45minutes soccer game.Right now,pro series is looking up to Fifa...something like that happend with Gt and Forza series,the student became the master.

That is my humble opinion(and many gamers that have played both agree with this opinion)I wont force anyone follwonig my opinion,but that wont stop me exressing my opinion,at least I have reasons to back it up.cheers!!
Clarence  +   1278d ago
Its only one console that has to release 4 racers in one gen to compete with GT5. GT6 should be on the PS4.
representj  +   1278d ago
ps3 for sure, i thought some of the tracks on gran turismo were not done well, some of them look like a port from the ps2, and ps3 has so much potential to be better than what i seen from GT 5
Knushwood Butt  +   1277d ago
Who looks at the scenery when they are playing though?

All I look at are the upcoming corners and my speedometer...
hennessey86  +   1278d ago
So kaz can make the game he wants to make
MysticStrummer  +   1278d ago
I don't think PS3 "needs" GT6, but I don't know why they wouldn't want to release one more game this gen, given all the work and time that went into making GT5. They could tweak a few things and make some minor improvements. I'd buy it.
Muigi  +   1278d ago
ps3 needs last guardian, ffv13, kh3, agent to name a few
izumo_lee  +   1278d ago
Polyphony spent so much time building the engine for the game so i do not mind seeing another GT game on PS3. There are 2 ways that Kaz & comp. can do for GT6.

1: Have less cars (all premium) but give the entire game more polish like they did with GT3. Improve graphics for the tracks, cockpits, online, etc.

2: Keep the number of cars but add more premium cars than before and have more variety. Same amount of tracks as GT5 & minor adjustments for every other feature.

Whatever Sony & Polyphony decides i will support it whole heartedly.
Gran Touring  +   1277d ago
If they can make a significant improvement over GT5 to warrant another GT game within this generation, then go right ahead. I still don't see or understand what the "next generation" that some so do desire, will bring at this point other than better graphics.

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