Dark Souls PC runs at 'exact same specs as PS3 version', confirms Namco

A Namco Bandai representative has confirmed to that the upcoming PC release of Dark Souls runs at "the exact same specs [as the] PS3 [version]".

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SlavisH21364d ago

sad such a great game gets such a half ass pc port :(

-GametimeUK-1364d ago

As much as it sucks there are 3 positives to be taken from this. 1. Additional Content... No brainer it is a winner. 2. PC users get the damn game... Its not the best of situations and it doesn't change the fact the port seems "lazy", but they are at least getting it. 3. Quite possibly the most important point is that it opens opportunities for more games in the Souls series to be released on the platform.

Its not ideal, but there can be some light made of the situation.

Skate-AK1364d ago

They told everyone it would be a console port before they even started making it. They said they have no idea how to port to a PC.

JBSleek1364d ago

Since when did PC specs get locked into a certain amount and not take advantage of the hardware? That is fail.

FragMnTagM1364d ago

That is really sad. PC games should look better as some people spend way more than a price of a console on their graphics card/s alone.

This trend is disturbing.

grahf1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

PC specs were locked in the second they decided to develop the game for the PS3 & 360 and NOT the PC a few years ago.

Fast forward after YEARS of development specifically for consoles, and PC gamers now want the game... publishers decide to listen to "fans" and make the decision to "port" it over...


Raf1k11364d ago

I think I'm gona either buy it used on PS3 or get it in the Steam Christmans sale.

sdozzo1364d ago

Which would imply you own a PS3 and have never bought Dark Souls... Yowzer!

Raf1k11364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

lol yeh I know. I did buy Demon's Souls though. I actually imported the American one because I couldn't wait for the European release.

With this I had too many other games to play so I was able to hold off and then found they planned a PC version so I thought I'd rather play it at a higher res but it's turned into a straight port.

edit: I don't see why you got disagrees for a perfectly good comment.

Reverent1364d ago

Please tell me you at least got Demon's Souls :P

Summons751364d ago

PC elitist cry and cry for this game. They succeed in annoying the developers to port it AND the devs go one step father and give them extra content for free and make the people who supported there games to begin with pay, and PC people still cry when they know they aren't going to play the game and just mod it. All fanboys are ungrateful children. Seriously be grateful you even are getting in the first place.

HarryMasonHerpderp1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I know it was never even meant to get a PC release and the games incredible on consoles so I don't get all the whining just because the graphics aren't slightly shinier and all the other crap PC elitists care about.Just play the same game as the console version and stop sticking your noses up at it.
Dark Souls is a damn good game just the way it is.

LightofDarkness1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

No amount of patronizing and indirect self-aggrandizement makes your "opinion" about PC gamers even the slightest bit accurate or worthwhile in this situation. You clearly don't understand why it's a problem (though it's been explained to you many times) and you choose to speak purely out of ignorance in a pathetic attempt to deride an entire group of people in the hopes that it becomes some sort of rallying cry.

As I explained earlier, this is akin to a developer porting a Wii game to the PS3 and having it look and play exactly the same (locked @ 640x480/30hz), except with broken online capabilities and potentially wiping save-games. Do you think people wouldn't cry foul about that? Do you not think PS3 gamers would say "why'd they even bother?"

You've yet to respond to that, and have chosen to feign ignorance and just spout the same uninformed drivel elsewhere.

Did PC gamers flood Skyrim PS3 articles and start calling everyone entitled when they called for a patch? I don't recall seeing that.

If anyone is crying, it's you. Did PC gamers take away your favourite teddy once?

MysticStrummer1364d ago

"listeningDid PC gamers flood Skyrim PS3 articles and start calling everyone entitled when they called for a patch? I don't recall seeing that."

No, PC gamers are too busy spouting stats about PC graphics in console articles to focus on more important aspects of a game.

Summons751364d ago

It a GAME it plays just the same as the PS3 version which was perfectly FINE.

It's not an opinion either unless we read completely different things. PS3, Wii, 360 AND PC fanboys all whine B***ch and cry when things don't go their way. I have no problem with any of the system they all have their ups and their downs. So how is stating an observed fact an opinion? When 360 got the port of Witcher 2, PC fanboys cried until they found out that the extra stuff was free. I remember 360 fanboys crying when PS3 got ports of Bioshock and Oblivion. PS fanboys cry over Nintendo getting Fatal Frame, Wii fanboys are crying over PASBR.

It all comes down to fanboys are ungrateful and this is a clear example of why. After making such a big deal to get a game, they still are crying.

I've never once heard anyone cry when Tales of Graces got ported to the Ps3, or when Dead Space 2 came with the extraction port. So there goes your Wii to Ps3 theory

Ducky1364d ago

^ Those Wii-to-PS3 ports were actually done properly. They don't counter LoD's theory at all.

LightofDarkness1364d ago

Reading comprehension goes a long way. You think all PC gamers being elitist is a fact? I truly hope you don't apply that sort of thinking elsewhere.

And no, I don't recall any PC gamers "crying" in those articles. I remember seeing a lot of them saying "Great, this is a fantastic game, enjoy 360 gamers!" (I left one such comment). CDPR confirmed quite quickly that the Enhanced Edition content would be coming to PC, so no one even had time to complain.

I DO, however, recall a bunch of console fanboys complaining in Dark Souls articles about this very port, before we knew anything much about it (even in petition articles), saying "Don't give it to them, they don't deserve it!" etc.

And Tales of Graces F is a different story. Tales of Graces F was upgraded to 720P, with 60FPS battles and more detailed modelling in some cases, especially in the future arc (much larger/more detailed environments). Also, TOGF doesn't have online multiplayer that forces you to use the most hated third party gateway by all PS3 gamers, nor does it use that same interface to handle save games (badly). Graces was a port done right, as it was dutifully upgraded to take advantage of the PS3's less modest capabilities. Dark Souls was not. Do you see the difference here?

pr0digyZA1364d ago

"When 360 got the port of Witcher 2, PC fanboys cried "
Huh? it was announced at the same time as 360 version that PC players were getting that stuff for free, in fact they said PC will get all future content (360 and beyond free:ie mod tools are now coming for PC) So I don't remember any one complaining.

"It a GAME it plays just the same as the PS3 version which was perfectly FINE."
I have it on PS3 and it is not fine, thats one of the main reasons I wanted it on PC, same reason I want dragons dogma on PC.

"heard anyone cry when Tales of Graces got ported to the Ps3, or when Dead Space 2 came with the extraction port"
Uh? Tales of grace received significant enhancements "Tales of Graces boasts significant graphical, stylistic, and gameplay enhancements, along with an all-new epilogue to the existing story." and "extraction" came with dead space 2 for free.

PC players have a standard that we want developers to achieve, we dont want other developers looking at this port and thinking wow we can do a half-baked job too.

DragonKnight1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

"Just about every PC game is released with a certain set of features as standard, including adjustable resolution, a variable frame rate (these are practically a given) and myriad other adjustments, but the first two are practically sacrosanct, and have been since the '90s"

Pay attention to the word "sacrosanct"

sac·ro·sanct [sak-r oh-sangkt]
1. extremely sacred or inviolable: a sacrosanct chamber in the temple.
2. not to be entered or trespassed upon: She considered her home office sacrosanct.
3. above or beyond criticism, change, or interference: a manuscript deemed sacrosanct.

Is that really what you think about features that developers CHOOSE TO ALLOW YOU TO HAVE LoD?

It's that kind of attitude that labels people like you as entitled, whiny PC elitists. Your Wii example is pretty flawed to. In this instance, you're talking about 2 platforms capable of HD graphics. In your example you're talking about 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT platforms. The Wii and the PS3 are NOTHING alike.

What is also flawed is the inherent assumption that the PC platform is entitled to anything, let alone a "superior" experience. I brought up your past comment because of one that I made. Ever heard of parity? Well now you're experiencing it.

Let me ask you something. What incentive does FromSoft have to give the PC fanbase a different/better experience than the loyal fans that supported the Souls series from day 1? A decrease in piracy? That's hardly an incentive. And despite what some would say, you really should be more grateful for even getting the game at all. FromSoft are clearly NOT PC devs, but what they are are fair devs. They wanted everyone to experience the same version of a game so no one felt that they bought the wrong version.

PC gamers feel screwed because fidelity is all they care about. But why would FromSoft want everyone else to feel screwed because they don't have a capable gaming rig?

Your examples are really sad. There is a difference between releasing a broken game and not letting you have the resolution that you want. Skyrim is broken, Dark Souls isn't. But hey, feel free to not buy the game or even pirate it. No one will miss the PC audience when the next Souls game comes out, and that includes FromSoft.

@FatOldMan: Pretty poor summary you made there. I wish I had the room and extra bubbles to respond to it, but I don't and it is a really poor summary so I guess that's that. Enjoy the last word, even if it's a mistake.

Ducky1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

^ Here's a summary of your post:

- One should never expect features in a game, no matter how basic, from a developer.

- Wii and PS3 are nothing alike, but PS360 and PC are

- PC games can apparently not be scaled at all, because improved options (like resolution) apparently make it harder for people with low-end rigs to play the game.

- Developers should be fair. That means all versions of the game across all platforms must have the same features, so that no single person feels they bought the wrong version.

- Developers don't care about PC. This is why Capcom gave up on the platform last-gen when their half-assed ports didn't sell.

LightofDarkness1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Well, I was going to reply to you in full but then I saw that FatMan has done a pretty solid job pointing out most of the absurd logic presented in your post.

Also, I'm elitist because I use big words and expect standard features from developers? Really? Technically, yes, developers "choose" to allow you to have anything present in a game, but some features are pretty much a given. For instance, PS3 gamers expect to be able to play 99% of their games with a DS3. If a developer "chose" to lock out DS3 controls, when there was no good reason, and forced players to use keyboard and mouse/<insert other method here>, shouldn't gamers be a little confused and disappointed in that situation? Does the developer deserve praise for simply releasing the game in that situation? Should people consider themselves lucky they're getting the game at all?

I don't owe them anything for releasing a game on PC.

Also, on the whole HD platform bit:

640*480 = 307200
1280*720 = 921600 (3x 480P)
1920*1080 = 2073600 (2.25x 720P)

There's a rather LARGE difference between 720p and 1080p. But Dark Souls runs at 1024*720 (=737280), which is nearly the same gap between 720p and 480p. When your screen has a fixed matrix of 1920*1080 pixels, you are taking a 1024*768 image and blowing it up; stretching it to fit across that matrix, which leads to very noticeable blurring and aliasing. So no, there's no real difference between going from Wii -> PS3 or PS3(1024*720) -> PC(1080p+).

Oh, and I don't pirate games. I own over 200 games on Steam alone, with more scattered across Origin and other sites. I pay for my games fair and square, but hey, you keep generalizing, straw-men fall more easily than real men, I'm told.

Laika1364d ago

actually ps3 did get a lazy port of one of my favorite games. that was resident evil 4. they just ported the wii version over. but guess what. Because it was a good game and because I liked it, I still got it and enjoyed it. despite the fact that it could have been in full hd like most hd remakes. I didn't cry and bitch. Also skyrim is completely different. that game was broken. If dark souls is unplayable then you can complain all you want.

ProjectDeputy1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

i still have the best genres on my consoles so nope you didnt steal anything and btw jsut so u cry more the third souls (called forsaken souls) will be sony exclusive just so u know.

i have the best stealth game wich is on console
i have the best simulation racing game wich is on console
i have the best hack n slash game wich is on console
i have the best platform game wich is on console
i have the best karting game wich is on console
i have the best fighting game wich is on console
i have the best third person shooter wich is on console

you r the one who should cry for stealing ur favs teddys not us. ( the elder scrolls franchise,gothic,BF,half life,portal and some mmo's are already starting to come on consoles)

start dealing with this consoles games (talking ONLY SP GAMES) sells 3 to 1 compared to the pc's,console games is always the TOP priority since most cash is made there except few exceptions like RTS starcraft and rpg-hack n slash diablo wich btw consoles gamers wouldnt give a crap about.(DIABLO 2 i think on console did very poorly it was a massive failure in all aspects)

so dude do us a favor why dont u go back to your wow or dota's games and let the consoles game talks to the console crowd kkthxbb.

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beerkeg1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I already have the game on ps3, and I was going to buy the game on pc as well. But if they aren't going to make use of the extra power that pcs have, then why bother making it at all?

Like someone else said, if a popular Wii game got ported to the 360 or ps3, and it didn't have any improvements and was stuck to the same resolution as what was on the Wii, would 360 and ps3 gamers be happy?

EDIT:LightofDarkness summed it up better than I did.

Ducky1364d ago

Be grateful? They aren't doing a charitable action by porting the game; they're trying to make money.

It's like going to a restaurant and ordering a meal, only to have a burnt mess delivered to you. Does it really make sense for the chef to tell you that you can't complain because you asked for the food, and instead should be grateful that he even gave you something in the first place?

The extra content doesn't do anything if the base game isn't up to par. It's like Bethesda giving Dawnguard away for free on PS3 to make up for Skyrim's buggy fault. Does you no good if the game is still a mess.

DragonKnight1364d ago

No. Sorry but it's nothing like that. If we're going to use a restaurant example it's more like this.

You (a PC gamer) heard about a McDonald's that has a McRib sandwich and yours doesn't. So you get your friends together, and start a petition to have your local McD's start selling that sandwich. So the franchise decides "sure, we'll sell it to you."

You get your sandwich but then complain that you don't get to have the sauce you want on it because you're a connoisseur and are entitled to something better because you're used to it.

The McD's didn't have to give you the sandwich at all. It required money to make it happen. Money that may not be entirely recouped. There was always a risk in it, but they felt the gain could be worth it since it seemed in demand enough.

And then, factor in those people who are saying "well, since you didn't give us what we want, don't be surprised if we steal it from you because it isn't worth our money."

And that's what it's like. You can't call Dark Souls a burnt mess since the game is completely playable and amazing, you just don't like the dressing it comes with.

Ducky1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

^ It is amazing for you, not for me.

Why? Because we aren't getting the same thing. GFWL does more than just sour the mouth.

That, and I can't eat it on a sunday because the McD that originally had it closes on sundays. My McD is open on a sunday but in the name of some misplaced sentiment of parity, mine decides to not offer the sandwich on sundays.
Is it enough for me to rob the store? No, and I don't agree with the pirates, but I feel I am allowed to protest the decision.

You're happy because you don't notice anything missing, but I'm unhappy because I'm bogged down with a restrictions that makes no sense.
Getting a game to have a resolution that changes properly isn't hard. Not to mention that for people with older hardware, they might not be able to play at all because they can only run lower resolutions.

BlackKnight1364d ago

If a game was ported to PS3 and didn't use it's horsepower and features, it is "lazy devs!"

If a game is ported to PC from PS3 and doesn't use it's horsepower and features it is "Fucking PC elitists crying about not getting a good port, be fucking glad you are even getting it"

Some people are ridiculous. Summons75 and HarryMasonHerpderp, you guys are a joke. Hypocritical to the max.

HarryMasonHerpderp1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Haha yeah because getting a gimped version of a port is the same as getting a perfectly fine port of a game? the PS3 had multiple weaker versions of multiplats which gives people a reason to complain. This port is in no way weaker than the console version.
Sorry my friend I think you have things mixed up a bit there.
The PC community wanted a port of Dark Souls, they got this and now they want a better enhanced version for the PC? as well as the extra content that has been provided?
An as for the comments about it being the same as a Wii game being ported to a PS3 console I don't think that's fair. The wii isn't even in HD it's not the same thing at all. The PS3 graphics for Dark Souls are perfectly fine the way they are.

Ducky1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

"This port is in no way weaker than the console version."


Also, you're being pretty hypocritical by saying the Wii comparison isn't fair. If people can enjoy the game on Wii at 480p, then why can't ps360 owners?
The reason is, you are accustomed to 720p now. On PC, most people are sitting even closer to the screen, and standard screen sizes are 1080p or above. They're accustomed to a different standard.

Getting the game to actually use the hardware like that isn't really all the time consuming either. Either the developers are seriously inexperienced (which bodes bad for the entire port itself) or they're being lazy (which still bodes bad for the entire port itself)

DemonsSoulsUK1364d ago

Yeah I get that the GFWL thing sucks and it was a bad decision my complaints are about people moaning about the specs when the game is fine the way it is graphically.

HarryMasonHerpderp1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

@ DemonsSoulsUK
GFWL isn't even that bad I don't understand the problem?

Laika1364d ago

I don't understand why people keep throwing out GFWL. its on steam as well. If you don't want it for GFWL get it on steam ffs.

BlackKnight1363d ago


Do you even know what HD means? HD just refers to anything beyond 480P/i which was SD television. PS3/360 generally do around 720P. 720P is around 2x as much pixels as 480P. 1080P is around 2x as much pixels as 720P. To say something is "HD" so the graphics are fine just shows ignorance. Resolution is only one factor of MANY that affect a games graphics. Texture resolution, draw distance/LOD, World density, world/character models and poly counts, post process effects (thats really important and contains many thing such as DOF, HDR, motion blur, etc), and so on. Your Wii example just shows ignorance and makes no sense. Why should console be the MAX/BEST/STANDARD version of a game? Should I just say the PS3 is HD while PCs are FHD/WQHD?

You sound like the person who thinks there are HD and non-HD textures. They aren't different types, it is a console fanboy term that means nothing. Textures are just like screen video resolution. It goes up and up. Consoles typically use 512x512 textures while some PC games use 4096x4096 or even higher.

The game is launching at 40 bucks when it is only 30 bucks on consoles at gamestop and even less on amazon or other sites. Even with a DLC pack, that still is a price that should include at least some sort of usage of PC specs.

The PS3 had bad ports for a while because the tech is so difficult to program. PC hasn't changed its instruction sets, at all. It has been x86/x64 for CPUs for so damn long and about 98% of PC games use DirectX for the GPU which makes it very easy to port, especially if they port the xbox version back.

You just seem like a fanboy or someone who just wants to cap everyone else to some graphics standard of PS3/360. I have both consoles and a PC. It seems like some people choose a side and just can't admit pros and cons and try to "defend" companies/games and ignore facts along the way.

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Somebody1364d ago

Go ahead. If you have the time, look up on my comments about the X Box 360 announcements for The Witcher 2. You won't find a single negative or crying foul from me. Just like prodiZA said, I even congratulated the 360 guys for getting the The Witcher 2. The only one negative statement that I did say was when a console gamer said that now that they've made a console version, future Witcher franchise should stay on the consoles/become console exclusives.

And CDPR spent a good time to make sure The Witcher 2 to look as good as the PC version. The 360 gamers get a good looking game and the PC gamers can be proud of CDPR's achievement.

From Software had experience in making PC ports like Ninja Blade released last year. CDPR doesn't even have any experience in console game developement before this and yet they managed to achieve the impossible. I do believe CDPR is up there in their office trying to get The Witcher 2 work properly on the PS3. That reminds me, I told some PS3 fans to be patient and wait for them. No "Serve you right for not getting this game," attitude/comment from me. Why do I want to be a douche bag gamer anyway?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

it's in the 20 seller on steam though..

If it came to ps3 in bad shape you guys would use those famous words "lazy devs".

Then you have to take in a count that there enough bad ports on pc and pc gamers are sick of them. Not my fault console gamers don't complain.

Watch ps3 players buy black ops 2 even though they will get screwed!!

nik666uk1363d ago

That's what a lot of them do, cry when they don't get a version, steal it when they do! There's nothing superior about either!

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Servbot1364d ago

I have a gaming rig, and even I can't stand the entitled behavior of PC gamers. They think developers should jump through hoops to give them an all around better experience. The PC version of Dark Souls is for people who don't own a PS3 or Xbox 360. These people are lucky that the game is being ported at all, but hey, go ahead and pirate it. I really don't care. Bad sales will just ensure that you never see another Souls game again.

aliengmr1364d ago

You know, if they can't properly port a game to PC then they should go away and never come back. I don't own a console, so playing a bad port of a console game isn't what I would call luck.

Problem with console gamers is they seem to think console games are the only games available. They're not. I really couldn't care less about Dark Souls at this point. Console guys said it was cool and I was interested. Then they decided to bring it to PC and I was slightly more interested. Then they recommended use of a controller, which I don't own. Interest gone. Simple as that.

Even if I pirated games(which I don't) why in the hell would I pirate a sloppy port? Its not worth the hassle.

PS3 fanbois never shut up about Skyrim not being perfect, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Blastoise1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Not the same thing at all. Skyrim was a broken mess on PS3. Dark Souls on PS3 was perfectly playable besides a slightly choppy framerate in certain areas. So therefore it will be perfectly playable on PC.

MysticStrummer1364d ago

Forcing you to use a controller and consistently churning out some of the most bug ridden games in the industry are two very different things. If I was able to tell either of those devs to go away and never come back, I know which one I'd choose.

Hellsvacancy1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Who said your getting a bad port? your getting the PS3 version, and as ive spent 250+ hours in the game i can tell you the PS3 version is just fine

Why would i play it so much if it was that bad?

PC owner get to play plenty of games with incredible graphics, and belittle console owners because of it "oh you need the superior version.....on PC"

Besides, id rather the devs spend the time and money on there next game rather than beefing up a previous title

Ducky1364d ago


You clearly have never tried to play a game online on GFWL.

Skate-AK1364d ago

Well the first thing they did was they they don't know how to port to PC at all. They said its a straight up port from the 360 version. There is still the framerate problems in Blighttown.

aliengmr1363d ago

You are thinking in console terms, where every unit is the same. PCs vary. And yes, PC gamers crying foul over a bad port (which it is) is the same as crying foul over Skyrim on PS3.

Again, thinking in console terms. If they want to try and make a next one on PC, fine, assuming they even can. I really respect their effort but really if they can't do it, they shouldn't bother. Better for them to take that money and time and invest it in a better console version, instead of wasting it on a PC version.

As a PC gamer bugs are hardly an issue anymore. We have dealt with them since day one. But this is the advantage of an open platform, patches are pretty easy to put out there. These days modders are fixing more things than ever. So given the choice I take a buggy Skyrim over using a controller that I neither own or know how to use very well.

They are only doing this for the extra cash, not because they really wanted to make a PC version. On PC there is much more to visual settings than just looking good. Framerate can effect mouse acceleration for example.

Like I said, I hope they chalk this up to a bad idea and focus on making a better console version in the future. That's where Dark Souls should stay IMO. If I want to play it, I'll buy a console.

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BlackKnight1364d ago

Jump through hoops? BF3, Deus Ex, Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, Crysis 2, and alot more are games where devs actually put work into the game and implemented either DX11 with great effects and physics and enhancements and better artwork/textures/models, AND they also released it the same time as the console version.

If the PS3 or Xbox 360 got a game that is from a system with terrible hardware in comparison and doesnt get ported and use the hardware like it should (sub HD, low texture res, same models, FPS issues, etc) then console-only owners are up in arms. But if PC users want their platform utilized, it's "You're lucky you are even getting it!"

Every platform has elitist idiots, or just plain idiots.

To try and claim it's ok for a PC port to show NOTHING for it but some extra levels (that are going to console as well) BUT if a console get's a port from a previous gen or lesser platform and there is no use of the consoles' hardware is blasphemy...well, it is just plain fanboyism.

Skate-AK1364d ago

Well to be fair Crysis 2 didn't get DX11 until months and months after it released. They had to patch it in.

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