Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Online: “There’s hardly any lag” Says Harada

X360: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is about to go up against Street Fight, Soul Calibur and Dead Or Alive, but can its netcode make fighting online the level playing field it needs to be?

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R_aVe_N2111d ago

You really wont know about the lag issues till it is properly stress tested or even through a beta stage which I don't think I have heard anything about. We have all heard stuff like this before then a game releases and you have a huge amount of lag due to a lot of people playing it at once.

shaneTsung2111d ago

been playing since the late 90s, love tekken

krisq2111d ago

Same here :) Can't wait for TTT2!

Gran Touring2111d ago

I have no doubt the game will be great, but they said kinda the same thing about Tekken 6, and that game was unplayable until they patched it. (and it still isn't that stable)