Upgrade your 360 like this:Blizzardstorm

GameTrailers: White and blue.

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Skater_Ricky3492d ago

To bad they didnt do something like this a long time ago haha!

Yea Blue is better thats why I like my PS3 :D

Matsuiichi3492d ago

Ah yes, this mod proves that the future is Blu! :P

Stray_Wulf3492d ago

Can't wait to see the BLUE Ring Of Death... -_- *sigh*

3492d ago
Wardy3492d ago

As cool as this looks i wouldn't even risk a 360 modification with all the repairs that have been needed to have been done!

Mr Marbles3492d ago

you would obviously install your own cooling solution.

Shankle3492d ago

But what about the DVD drive?

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The story is too old to be commented.