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Rumor: Leaked Image of PS All Stars Leaks Crash, Tomba

A new image posted online may have leaked Crash and Tomba. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3)

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ThatKanadianKid  +   961d ago
Hard to tell, but it dosen't look as fake as the image that was posted a few days ago. Hopefully Crash and Spyro are their big reveal at Gamescom, cause I dunno what else would surprise people more than that.
dboyc310  +   961d ago
i see crash, rachet, sackboy and spike
Hisiru  +   961d ago
Crash is one of the most known characters for Playstation fans/supporters. I hope we will see Crash and Cloud/Sephirot in this game.
bostoner  +   960d ago
For that reason alone its no surprise he'd be in. Almost a given that he'd be on this game. Tomba on the other hand would be a welcomed surprise. I just hope they go with the hot pink haired, green shorts color scheme (at least as the default color). The screen looks like that redish haired purple shorted version of him I've seen.
user5467007  +   961d ago
It does look legit

I think it's classic Crash with a HD makeover though not Activisions with the horrible tribal tattoos. It may be the same version used in Crash Twinsanity. Hel even the display picture is the one from the PS1 days.

Least we got two characters we wanted...shame about the three Tekken characters/MGR Raiden/New Dante/Two Coles.
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-Alpha  +   961d ago
Too easy to fake. The Sackboy leak was legit and taken from the official site. This is just some jerk teasing us
PockyKing  +   961d ago
I guess the one good thing that comes from these things is the fact that the image from the source has 41 thousand likes. That HAS to say something to SuperBot.

Edit: Make that 47K
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jonboi24  +   960d ago
Hey I like Robo-Raiden.
jwk94  +   960d ago
100% fake, those aren't even models from the game, they're taken from other games.
Septic  +   960d ago
I'll be surprised if Crash doesn't make it. He would fit in perfectly. It HAS to have the mask powerup though that says "UBUDUGAH!"
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   961d ago
Finally! An assuring leak! I really hope this is true and it does look legitimate.

If this is true, all I need is spyro to rest at ease and feel like this game is complete. Cloud and Sora would be icing on the cake.
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Awesome_Gamer  +   960d ago
I hope it's real, i love crash.
showtimefolks  +   960d ago
If they are not in the main game than expect a paid dlc since we talking about activision.

Spyro could be free on disk since the last game did quite well and here is free advertisement but crash could be paid dlc

How big do you all think the roster will be? 25-30? Or 35-40?

I think about 25 seems right abut I ain't complaining if they give us 40 lol

One thing I will say is expect a lot of character dlc since many 3rd parties will want it like that
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Wizziokid  +   961d ago
I hope so, you've got to have crash in there
HammadTheBeast  +   961d ago
And Dart. From LoD.
GhostHero333  +   961d ago
Tomba and Spyro would make me buy that game.
NickTheHitman  +   961d ago
You dont understand how badly I want to believe this isnt Photoshopped
admiralvic  +   960d ago
I am willing to bet it's photoshopped. During my trip to E3 I had the pleasure to meet with Monkeypawgames (brought over the PS1 Classic of Tomba) and upon asking them if the PS1 classic's release had anything to do with this game, they said no. I was told they emailed Superbot with how to get into contact with the lincese holder, but from what I heard it seemed like Superbot didn't care.
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negroguy  +   961d ago
wow they might bring tomba back lol That's pretty deep.
Ultr  +   961d ago
Best decision ever made! (if true)
BlmThug  +   961d ago
Tomba was an amazing character in an amazing videogame series. Fond memories of playing Tomba 1 <3
TheMasterShake  +   961d ago
now all they need is spyro, gex, & Sir Daniel Fortesque and it'll be legit. since they got crash im pretty sure they can get spyro since they are both owned by the same company. sir daniel is owned by sony. all they need is to convince eidos to let them use gex.
Ron_Danger  +   961d ago
I understand Dan and Spyro, but why Gex? The second Gex game was great on PS1, but the N64 version was the full version of the game with the extra Titanic level and the first Gex game was also on the Panasonic 3DO
Larry L  +   961d ago
Out of the characters you named, GEX is the odd man out. At no point in it's history was GEX ever PlayStation exclusive as far as I remember, though I'm honestly not sure about the 3rd one. But I know I had the first and 2nd GEX games on Sega Saturn.

On the topic of this pic, has anyone figured out who that 5th new character in this pic is? Obviously there's Crash and Tomba. There's Sackboy and who looks like the kid from Ape Escape. But who is that to the right of Tomba?

It just looks like a plain black helmet. For a second I was like "Why would there be a HAZE soldier in this game, but that would be a yellow visor on the helmet. I could also imagine it looking a bit like a DUST 514 soldier, but why would that be in this game? For some reason, the original black Stig to represent Gran Turismo? LOLOL.........idk, who that could be.
dboyc310  +   961d ago
its ratchet
Larry L  +   961d ago
Ratchet? Ok, I can see why you might suggest Ratchet. I see the similarity to the helmet of that space suit/armor I've seen him wear from time to time (don't know the specific name, I hardly play the series).

But that doesn't make much sense to me because why would they use an image of Ratchet's head wearing that helmet as his main character select screen avatar? I am aware that each character in the game with have at least 3 alternate costumes, and that Ratchet armor would CERTAINLY be one of the alternates for the character. But I just can't see them using a helmeted version of his head for the small character avatars on the character select screen. He would be un-helmeted.
problemchild84  +   960d ago
Yeah it looks to be Ratchet.
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godofboobees  +   961d ago
Please put in the crash dance please
ceballos77mx  +   961d ago
I really want this not to be fake, crash belongs in this game.
r21  +   961d ago
ok i see tomba, crash, spike, sackboy. who's that new fifth character? too dark to make out but i think it looks like clank or im wrong. 5 more days till we know the truth!
zielocz3k  +   961d ago
looks like Ratchet
PockyKing  +   961d ago
That's what a lot of people were saying on Reddit. Didn't know he wasn't in the game yet.
TheFinalEpisode  +   961d ago
The PaulGaleNetwork confirmed that Ratchet is in the game. He's the guy who teased everyone about it back in december but his site got banned from N4G.
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Reverent  +   960d ago
Why the hell would they ban his site? Literally everything he has said about the game has been 100% true.

The nerve of some people... Banning sites like his, and still allowing Kotaku's crap on here? There are some other sites that deserve to be banned much more too, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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CADmanjules  +   961d ago
Crash aaaand Tomba!! I can finally sleep at night! I was hoping for either Crash and Spyro or Crash and Tomba. Would love to see Spyro in the lineup, but like Chan said, "they're not all going to happen" :( I could live with this, though.
Auld  +   961d ago
Oh man, can someone tell me their thoughts regarding that one character with the crown, I can't help but think it's conker the squirrel (out of left field) but that would be brilliant.
forever_milan  +   961d ago
I have never played a Crash game except for CTR, but looking at the comments on every PSAS article; I can only imagine the kind of heart-ache articles like this must be giving all long-time fans of Crash :). Hang in there bro's, hope all your prayers are answered :D
DirtyLary  +   961d ago
The Mario photoshop from the offical forums looks better than that.
Darth Stewie  +   961d ago
This is so fake because Sackboy has the word new next to him like the earlier leaked image and since Crash & Tomba have yet to be revealed they would also have new next to them. Also that Pic of Crash can be found on the web.

Related image(s)
Sevir  +   961d ago
I agree, someone is pulling a fast one
I hope crash bandicoot is in but this is a bonified fake and a poor one at that.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   961d ago
You bring up good points.
smashcrashbash  +   961d ago
If this is true it would make me very happy. Crash, Sir Dan Spike and Tomba with everyone else would be awesome.I couldn't care less who they added after that even if it is more Tekken characters, new Dante or Evil Cole . I will have had everyone I need.In my opinion this looks much more legit then the other leaks so far so I won't argue for or against it.I will just cross my fingers and hope.
Tonester925  +   960d ago
haha this is sooo fake!
Eiffel  +   960d ago
The perspective of Crash doesn't look right, it doesn't align with the flat surface at the angle the photograph was taken. Clearly whoever photoshoped it couldn't make the image align due to the render of Crash having an opposite angle. No foresight of perspective is when they dun goofed.

(That plus there is a render of that image available on numerous gaming template sites.)

12 years of graphic design helps you see BS like this pretty easily. Sadly, it's a fake.
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CanadianTurtle  +   960d ago
That is definitely fake. That is such a standard picture of crash that anyone can take from google and photoshop it.
007Bond  +   960d ago
WTF? Real or fake it's pretty damn obvious these characters will make it anyways come on. Who else would they put in?
-Gespenst-  +   960d ago
Not so obvious that Tomba would make it. Man I hope this is real.
ProjectDeputy  +   960d ago
That art of Crash giving thumbs already exists, that character of Tomba is taken from the PS1 Tomba 1 game
ado908  +   960d ago
I hope to God that this is true. I loved growing up playing crash on the original playstation. And then I tried Spyro and OMG I loved that game as well. Two best game in my childhood. and please let spyro be in this game too.
PockyKing  +   960d ago
Actually bought the original Spyro's on PSN not too long ago, having more fun playing those then half the games that came out this year hahaha.
Relientk77  +   960d ago
I hope that Crash is in the game
iMaim  +   960d ago
God that's so fake. What's with the previous and next buttons?
TheLaughingMan  +   960d ago
Yeah this looks fake as hell doesn't look anything similar to what I've been playing on the beta. I could see it happening but that picture just doesn't look legit.
JayDee1003  +   960d ago
Its a fake heres proof


I posted it on n4g so it would get approved and everyone would be informed
GoldPunch-TR  +   960d ago
I want Spryo too!
Killustrious  +   960d ago
Characters that would make this the best fighting roster EVER:

Alucard (Castlevania SotN)
Hotsuma (Shinobi PS2)
Wander (SotC)
Old Snake (MGS4)
Cloud/Sephiroth or Squall (FF)
Sora or Riku (KH)
Raziel (Soul Reaver)
Connor (AC3)
Chimeran Nathan Hale (R2)
Crash Bandicoot

honestly, the recent talk of Ryu Hayabusa being in this game makes me think how much better Hotsuma from Shinobi would be over him, especially because Shinobi was a PS2 exclusive and honestly, Hotsuma would just be waaaaaaaay cooler to play as and a way better fit.
-Gespenst-  +   960d ago
Y-y-y-y-yesssss!!! I never thought Tomba would actually make it!!! Now I HAVE to get this game.

Tomba and Spyro (if Spyro makes it) are gonna be MY characters.

HECK YES. (Edit: if this is real)
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konohashin  +   960d ago
When will people realize that this games info is never leaked its made available on purpose. So they have more presence in the news......

Its always funny to see how easy it is to fool people.

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