What Does The Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal Tell Us?

Treyarch has already unleashed their multiplayer goodness for fans everywhere, but what could potentially make this a stand out against each previous entry?

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Cra2yey32111d ago

Graphics stepped up too

dontbhatin2111d ago

not much. looks like a different color pallet

fourthpersonview2111d ago

If you cant beat hackers. Give everyone hacks!

AdjacentStalker2111d ago

I thought this article was going to be a breakdown of the trailer. Anyway, what new content? Looks as if they changed the sights to be more "future-ish" and blocked your line of sight with medals everytime you get a kill. Sigh, I had hopes for this game until now...

i_da_pappy2111d ago

I never had high hopes for it. Its the same thing over and over

CerebralAssassin2111d ago

I don't understand why all you haters keep bitchin about it being the same game. Is that not what a sequel supposed to be? Complaining about call of duty being the "same thing" when it actually can't be anything else is just stupid. It's a FPS. You point. You shoot. Rinse and repeat. For everyone that says bf3 is better then call of duty because CoD is the same thing go jump off a bridge. Bf3 is the same as Bf2, Bf2142, Bf BC, and all the others. Bunch of hypocrites.