The first 40 minutes DMC4 gameplay HD videos


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ReconHope3855d ago

would watch a 40 minute spoiler?

permutated3855d ago

People who are either uninterested in the game, or haven't got the money to purchase it.

I'm buying it on a day 1, the demo kicked ass!

timmyp533854d ago

Yep exactly what I'm thinking(brings a friend to mind).

TheHater3855d ago

Why watch, when I can play it next week?

Skerj3855d ago

It's the longest week EVER!! Fortunately I have other things to do to take my mind off the wait, but everytime I'm navigating the PS3 and see that demo I become a sad panda. At least I have enough time to get badass in combat, snatch JCing takes a hell of a lot of practice.

TheHater3855d ago

LOL...I can wait. But, the week seems to be going somewhat slow.

MADGameR3855d ago

Compared to 15 hours! The game is 15 hours long and thats ONLY on the first mode and IF you don't die. Ofcourse you will miss blue orbs and such.. Then you got unlockables and more! So to complete all of the modes and unlock everything would be over 60 hours! And the cutscenes are just about 120 minutes! So its like you're getting a movie AND a game packed in!

INehalemEXI3854d ago

Getting better at insta rev's, and attempting to snatch JC, no luck yet though. I will get No More Heroes via ups in a couple days that will help pass the time.

Skerj3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

I already know I've clocked well over 200 hours on DMC3 because I still play it. My first playthrough was about 40 hours too because I replayed missions relentlessly to level up styles and for orbs. So I expect my first playthrough of DMC4 to be just as long if not a dozen hours more due to the 2 different chars.

I just tried my hand at snatch JCing today and after about 15 mins of not getting it something just clicked as I paid attention to the animation frames of Nero and the Frost I was using. I was able to get the rhythm SOMEWHAT and do 4-5 JC chains once out of every 5 tries. I think my hand starts moving after 5 and then I accidentally let go of R1 so it turns into an aerial Buster, gotta work on that.

I'm getting better at IRing too even though right now I can't get the 4th hit on the type 2 combo. Looked back at Ninja99's exceed guide and saw that the IR timing for the 3rd hit of the T2 combo has to happen within the second slash animation of the double hit Nero does. That helped IMMENSELY, I can now nail that pretty consistently but the 4th hit gets me. Muting the volume and listening to your button presses helps a lot when trying precisely timed techniques.

I'd devote more time to it but I got slammed with other stuff this week so hopefully I can get some time in before the full game.

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picker3323854d ago

Man i so want so see more of Dmc4,but getting it nextweek(like everyone else).
But it feels like 7day's is like 7month's.
Everytime i see this blog i just want to push View Video >>,but i can't i...i...i just can't hold on any longer!!!

Hehe no but seriously cant wait!

monkey6023854d ago

I played through the first DMC already this week for like the 5th time. And I started playing DMC3 for the first time. All to pass the week for DMC4. (i hated DMC2 so I'm passing over that and pretending it never existed)