Dark Souls PC - Confirmed Facts - 30FPS Lock, Internal Resolution Locked To 1024x720

DSOGaming writes: "Before continuing, let us tell you this: we don’t like bringing you bad news. Hell, we are PC gamers and we love to have each and every day good news for all PC gamers. However, when we say something is bad, it obviously is. And no, we do not make up stories for hits. Now some of you may be wondering why we are starting this news story this way. Well, the reason is obvious. A couple of months ago, we were criticized for our Dark Souls story. People started yelling that we were lying and such, beautiful and wonderful things. Fast forward a couple of months and here we are today, bringing you solid facts about the PC version of Dark Souls."

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LightofDarkness2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

If this remains true for release, then this is pitiful. A truly pi**-poor job. There is no good reason why any of this should be true, and when coupled with the insistence of using GFWL, it is effectively unacceptable. You have no one but yourselves to blame if this game receives laughably low sales and a high piracy rate.

For shame.

More to that, how has it taken them nearly a year to achieve something BELOW the bare minimum requirement for a PC release? They've haven't really even changed anything, just added a few little bits of content here and there. This harkens back to those awful Capcom ports of DMC and RE4 from years back.

Summons752083d ago

Well they didn't want to but the PC fanboys wouldn't stop crying because they were to lazy to play it on the PS3 like it should be played.

PC gaming isn't bad in the least but the people who are overly dedicated to it are a bunch of cry babies like any system fanboys.

It's not fair PC users get all this extra content when ps3 players supported demon souls, support this and then get the shaft because of a bunch of crying little girls.

It's all whatever to me cause I own the game, I enjoy it and when the dlc comes out I'll enjoy that too. I just get annoyed when people cry because they didn't get a game and then when they do get it plus more than the original they keep crying because of something so trivial. PC is lucky to have gotten it at all, be grateful.

LightofDarkness2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Here's a suggestion: if you don't understand this situation or PC gaming, don't comment on it. Simple, right?

I didn't want this game on PC, I played it on PS3 and got what I wanted out of it. This is akin to a developer porting a Wii game to the PS3 and having it look and play exactly the same (locked @ 640x480/30hz), except with broken online capabilities and potentially wiping save-games. Do you think people wouldn't cry foul about that? Do you not think PS3 gamers would say "why'd they even bother?"

The problem here is these devs are going to cry foul when nobody buys it, and blame it all on PC gamers (just like you're doing). Just about every PC game is released with a certain set of features as standard, including adjustable resolution, a variable frame rate (these are practically a given) and myriad other adjustments, but the first two are practically sacrosanct, and have been since the '90s. When you remove those options, it sends a message that you basically do not care about the audience enough to even know that. That this game isn't meant for them, it's left-overs from somebody else and you're not important enough to cater towards.

Plus, PS3/360 gamers ARE getting the extra content as DLC, so that's a moot point.

Captain Qwark 92083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

@lightof darkness

regardless if most* pc games have a certain set of features standard or not, it doesnt entitle you to them with every game and it is certainly not required. the game is the same game whether its 120fps with a laundry list of graphical features or its a copy and paste port, the fact is that it is now available to those who only have a pc as a gaming platform or just prefer that platform. summons is completely right, pc gamers should be grateful that they made it available on their system to begin, and added a bunch of gameplay too becuase thats something they didnt have to do either of but they did becuase every pc fanboy was crying.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2083d ago

Lets be honest your happy the pc version is not a good pc version right?

DigitalAnalog2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

You completely missed LOD point. Imagine right now if the Wii was the dominating console with all the third party support, and then port the likes of Batman: Arkham City with the same WII settings on the PS3/360? Would you not cry foul either? Why try to justify the PC port in such a manner?

They have already been given a chance OPT OUT of the port if they can't give the standard PC settings and yet they still persist. This is like the merchandiser who puts his foot at the door the moment you tell him that you're not interested in his product. This is not a problem for PC gamers or any buyers for that matter, we CHOOSE what we want to buy, nobody should tell us how we should spend our money regardless of intention.

2v12082d ago

this game never run good on ps3

sriki0072082d ago

hey idiot. We are paying the same price as the console owners... And deserve a proper port like other games in the market!!!!

Awesome_Gamer2082d ago

My favourite Rpg this gen, i don't care what anybody says.

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Morrigan-Aensland2083d ago

Best gaming platform now is a PS3. It has a lot of beautiful and tech advanced gamed of all genres. Most ps3 games and experiences aren't available elsewhere. I love pc because of its potential and advance tech but most games don't make use of pc advance hardware. Apart from MAG on ps3 bf3 imo is an amazing shooter when played on ultra.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2083d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Ask sony to put planetside 2 on ps3 then.
They won't do it cause they can't. But it is coming to mac :)

MAG is nothing in comparison.
It is now a mini action game.

ps3 shooters are not so good & I like shooters & crawlers.
Find something like this on ps3 & will give you $1.
this will be a 64 player game.

Now if you are completely obsessed with AAA third person action games the ps3 is hands down best console.

I actually like ps3 and will get ps4. But PC gamers like pc games so they don't care about the fact that you like console games.

taquito2082d ago

lol.....the ps3 is last gen and is EXACTLY the same graphics as the 360

i play wii games on pc with dolphin emulator that look better than ps3 games

one2thr2082d ago

I have the same thing, and I can tell you that there isn't an emulated Wii game that looks better than a Gears of War, let alone Heavy Rain or L.a. Noir, or even Little Big Planet...

yabhero2082d ago

Sad guys... Your looking at a comment from a person who trolls every WiiU article. Calls you a fanboy or an idiot for presenting facts and says every PS3 games runs at native 720p/1080p and 60FPS. Also they believ that PS4 will support 4k resolution.
I own and love and PS3 and am getting a PC but this is pathetic. Just ask. They'll confirm everything I said.

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grahf2082d ago

Here is where I disagree entirely.

They made a game and an engine to work exclusively with the the PS3/360. They built it with their strengths and weaknesses in mind. So they essentially created a world were the settings were 720p & 30 FPS (*cough* most of the time...).

Do you honestly think that their animators PLANNED for a PC release? If you are a digital animator, and you are working on a game where you output 30 FPS... what do you think they're going to program? HONESTLY? Do you really think that they are going to animate 60 FPS + just for the hell of it?!?!!? And the Texture department... do you think they just created a ton of extra high res 1080p art/maps that they would NEVER USE? REALLY?

The game is a PORT. P. O. R. T. If they were going to bring a PC optimized version to the table, it would have drastically increased development time & cost.

Keep complaining. Don't insult those of us that bought the game already and love it and just do what PC gamers do best... pirate. When the next Souls game comes around and the decision to make a PC optimized version is presented right from the start, they will give you all a big middle finger.

Ducky2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I wasn't expecting them to make new high-res art, but locking the internal buffer... really?
The animations aren't that hard, because the source animation isn't capped at 30. I can't even think of the last time a PC port was capped at 30fps.

This game becomes worse than a typical port because of GFWL. Couple that with the previous limitations and you have quite a deterrent...

... which directly affects the gameplay. You know DarkSoul's online? Well, it's going to be pretty much dead on PC when only a few people buy it and only fewer even play it online because of GFWL.

The people complaining are doing so because they don't want the game to fail, and that means having features that are in pretty much every PC game (port or not), or at the very least not being bogged down by GFWL which is PC's equivalent of cancer.

So keep supporting the game you love on your platform. I appreciate the devs listening to PC fans and trying to port the game to PC, but their effort appears to be half-hearted.

Laika2082d ago

i think you should be happy you at least have the option to play it on pc if you dont have a console. if a lower frame rate and res makes you miss out on a great game then i pity you. ya its a missed opportunity but not a good reason to dismiss the game.

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Kanzes2083d ago

'Crappy' console port for PC, again.

kingdavid2083d ago

Tbh I saw this coming when they announced it as GFWL. Alot of these games are basically up-ressed 360 ports.

Irishguy952083d ago

Still worth a buy/ MY fav game this gen. Unless you don't want it because it is a 'port' instead of getting the upgrades that should be standard for Console to PC ports.

chak_2083d ago

Yeah, buying this nonetheless

synchroscheme2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

If only for the sole reason of supporting the series and hopefully get a MUCH better port next time around.

Edit: Though I would have gladly waited longer for a proper port or even the next game if it meant it would have the bare PC essentials.

DragonKnight2083d ago

Well at least we know PC fans don't care about the actual game and only care about its fidelity. Oh well, its real fans will continue to support it just as long as Demon's Souls fans have supported that game.

SlapHappyJesus2083d ago

The point is if you are going to port it at all, you do it right.

Locking a pc game at thirty FPS and not even offering resolutions up to 1080p is laughable.

They aren't asking for a lot with that. They were fine with the game not getting anything in the way of graphical improvements. But to purposely restrict the port such as this is nonsensical.

DragonKnight2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Did you ever think that, oh I don't know, they don't care about PC elitism and want everyone to experience the same game? Have you heard about console parity? That stupid idea where all versions of a multiplatform game across all consoles MUST look and play the same? Well welcome to it. It sucks doesn't it? But here's the thing, we don't sit there and throw hissy fits over it forever and threaten piracy. If the game is good, that's what matters. It's not like that resolution renders the game unplayable. You just don't like it.

If this is such a big issue, then it's clear that the interest isn't in what the GAME offers people at all. Instead, it's all about the looks. And that's sad because people will miss out on an incredible game or pirate it and essentially give the middle finger to great developers all because of some fidelity.

**EDIT** There is also the fact that they aren't PC devs, likely weren't fully prepared for that kind of development, and that Bamco wouldn't foot the bill for a different studio to do it.

At least this means we won't have to hear "I'm playing the REAL version of this game" in the future, and that's always a good thing.

led10902082d ago

@DragonKnight Yes we crib when games don't have that PC quality because we have that choice. And you console folks don't. Consoles are locked and there is nothing you can do about it. Had you owned a high end PC, you would have acted in exactly the same manner. Cause when you know that something can be improved upon, and when that does not happen, you have every right to complain. Come to think of it, we always crib when we have choices. You wouldn't settle for any kind of food if you have the money. You'd want the best that you like and which that money can buy. So why must PC gamers expect any less when they're getting a console game? If you're doing something, do it right, or don't do it.

SlapHappyJesus2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

It's not PC elitism to expect the bare minimum of a pc game. This is a port in its worst form and shows a complete lack of care and effort on their part.

They ported this because they saw potential profit in doing so. Well, it's a different platform with its own set of standards, and they didn't care enough to offer the bare minimum.

They might as well have not ported the game at all, because very few people are going to support this sort of effort.

And no. Upping the resolution to full HD and not locking the FPS requires virtually no work on their part.

And don't take the statements of a couple of idiots talking about pirating the game as anything but a few vocal idiots being idiotic. The loudest tend to have the least of worth to say. Most people are simply going to avoid the game altogether, or buy it on the cheap somewhere down the line.

Bobby Kotex2083d ago

Spoken like someone who knows NOTHING about PC gaming.