IGN will be having an exclusive preview this Thursday to a PLAYSTATION 3.

According to IGN's latest Podcast Beyond, IGN will be having an exclusive preview this Thursday to a PLAYSTATION 3 game with a special guest tied to that preview as well.

They also mention that the PlayStation.Blog will feature two new posts this Thursday as well. It may be an announcement or something tied to the preview.

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Darkiewonder3486d ago

Or they got an inside scoop on Level 5's JRPG White Knight Chronicles.

TheHater3486d ago


poos33486d ago

its gonna be nothing prolly gt4 interview which is the best game coming to the ps3 in 2008

Lord Anubis3486d ago

Zone of the enders 3? Please

SSCOOLCHEA3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

man didnt know that i played the first one. how about destruction derby

Shankle3486d ago

Lol that reminds me of Kaz Hirai. "Riiiidge raaacer!!!!"

cmrbe3486d ago

There is a ZOE 2. I know because i have 1 and 2

btkadams3486d ago

im betting its the Team Ico game.

switch-it3486d ago

Didnt they say it was Crisis Core for PSP?

Hatchetforce3486d ago

No, they said "For the PS3". It's one letter, get it right. 3 not P.

MK_Red3486d ago

As much as I love to see either of ZOE3 or next Team ICO game, I believe they'll first be shown in Famitsu or something so this game will probably be western and not a huge sequel because that stuff is usually GameInformer and EMG's food.

My quesses:
Resistance 2

TheExecutive3486d ago

I bet its the ps3 version of GTA IV.

THE_JUDGE3486d ago

it if it were total crap. I'm looking for either MGS4 or maybe KZ2. I'd be happy with either of those.