Gamestop and the 70%

In a recent Gamasutra article, Gamestop CEO Paul Raines came out swinging at industry insiders that have decried his company’s used game market as a blight upon the business by announcing that 70% of the money paid out to gamers in exchange for used games is reinvested in brand new titles. Supposedly that’s $1.8 billion–or about 900 million Madden 2007 trade-ins.

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nukeitall2051d ago

Haters will hate, but this is competition!

If we did it buy what game developers and publishers wanted, we would only buy a game year because that is all we could afford!

yeahokchief2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

It's not competition.

They're parasites.

If it wasn't for gamestop, our DLC would be better and cheaper because the actual developers would be making a lot more money off each title and they wouldn't have to price out content like that.

Sorry I believe in paying people for their work.

Lvl_up_gamer2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

How do you know that dlc would be cheaper?

If I was a developer I wouldn't lower the price for dlc because history shows people are still buying it at its current price.

I don't get the hate for GameStop. It's ok to by a used car, boat, truck, etc but not games?

Nobody is forcing anyone to buy used. People that do buy used most likely wouldn't by dlc anyways since money is clearly an issue if you can't spent $10 more for a new game let alone $20-$30 for dlc.

nukeitall2050d ago


You really need to google "capitalism" and the idea of pricing is set to what the market can bear.

GameStops provides thousands of jobs and stimulates the economy. They aren't parasites!

If you want to talk about parasites, look no further than a large amount of people on wellfare!

yeahokchief2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )


"provides thousands of jobs and stimulates the economy"

Minimum wage jobs despite all their profits. I'd hardly call that living. You'd be better off just accepting welfare and using the time to make yourself more marketable.

This parasitic company needs to die. Parasites of the game industry and parasites of the people they employ. Parasites. They don't actually do ANYTHING. They're middlemen. A retail version of ebay where they take a much bigger cut. You're stupid and lazy if you go there to sell.

mananimal2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Everyones entitled to a opinion.....

The Writer says..."For the consumer, constant trade-ins make good sense. Play a game, finish it, and trade it in quickly, and you’ve got about $20 on your hands. That’s a solid 33% off your next purchase of a brand new title (not considering state and local taxes, of course). Do this four times, and one of those games is essentially free, minus the time you lost fending off suggestions that you pre-order something. "...

.huh? !! I disagree & heres why:

If a brand new game cost $60 freakin dollars & you ONLY get $20 back on average, youve just thrown $40 dollars away, by sellin it back to these greedy used game market criminals. Its not good logic or pratical, if a business operated on that principal of throw'n $40 away , how long do you think they'd be viable? lol, exactly, but they tell you the consumer, " its good business, its a good deal for you" , ha! ha! ha!, wtf?????!, when is loosing $$ at a rate of more than 50cent on the dollar good business???, NEVER!!, thats why "THEY"(Industry) dont do it, but they dont mind the sheeple consumer being dumb enough to do it. ah sheeple, when will you ever learn.

As far as Gamestop goes, Imo its a complete rip off to sell or buy used games from them. It would be better to get online & order a game from were you'll pay considerably far less for used & new games. If gamers only had the discipline & patience to wait, wait 6months to a year for a game to come down in price, wait for the GOTY version to come out on certain titles, theyd save more $$, & not waste it on a game your gonna essentially get bored of 1 day & not want to play any longer.

Moby-Royale2050d ago

(Note: none of this is said with any spite)

You aren't losing forty dollars.

You are spending sixty dollars on a product. You then choose to trade that game you purchased for credit towards another purchase.

Now you could argue that you don't receive what you would consider to be a satisfactory amount of credit..... but... I don't see how that translates into you throwing away your money. You bought a product.

Surely you realize that if you bought a game and they just gave you all of your money back that nobody would be making a profit, right?

That is simply illogical.

If you consider spending money on a game to be a waste, then perhaps you should adopt a different hobby.

You shared your opinion, and now I've shared mine.

Take care.

vikingland12050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

@mananimal^^^^when I buy a newer realeased used game for 54 dollars and beat it before the 7 days that gamestop gives to return it I don't lose a penny. You see once I beat a game I almost never play it again,not allways but most of the time. So it all depends on how you use Gamestops used games policey.

Moby-Royale2050d ago

I'm not judging you by any means, but that just seems dishonest to me.

Do you say that it's broken or something?

I just don't see how they would let somebody bring back a game for a full refund after playing it completely.

I'm honestly curious.

Again I am not judging. Perhaps I just need some sort of explanation.

vikingland12050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

It's their policey no explanation needed I asked them myself. Also once in a while I keep the game longer like say its an RPG then I lose money. Have you ever ever ever bought a new game and didn't like it? I like their used game policey for that reason alone.

vikingland12050d ago

Does it still seem dishonest?

3dawg2050d ago

its not dishonest because gamestop employees suggested to do exactly that play it return it with in 7 days they dont lose money because most of the time we would buy another game after that. they made their proffit whether we buy another one or not thats their bussiness. plus they keep the customers back in the store that way.

vikingland12050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

My question was if I beat this game in the seven days can I return it? And I also said " that it seemed wrong" and they said that is their policey. Ask them and see what they tell you.

vikingland12050d ago

They allways ask whats the reason you are returning the game and I tell them I am done with it I beat it and thats that.

Shadonic2050d ago

Well I take time to calculate how much I'll get with bonuses from trade ins to get the best deals at say best buy and when I do I usually get about 120+$ from mostly old games no one Plays and maybe a title I bought at full price but didn't enjoy.

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