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Submitted by skyward 1283d ago | news

Next-Gen Graphics Leap 'Like Batman Going From Adam West To Dark Knight Rises' - Epic

Epic Games VP Mark Rein says audiences expect constantly-improving game visuals. (Culture, Epic Games, Industry, Mark Rein, Next-Gen, Tech, Unreal Engine 4)

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chrisyoung0422  +   1283d ago
Good piece!
Hisiru  +   1283d ago
He is just trying to sell his engine.
iamnsuperman  +   1283d ago
I do not exactly get his comparison because the 60s show didn't have exactly poor special effects/CGI and Nolan tends not to use CGI and both things are quality but in their own way. I agree with you he is just trying to sell his engine. I love the 60s Batman. I watch it every time it is on ITV4. It is classic Batman. It may not be the story driven thing that the Dark Knight Rises is but it is still a good show. Very poor analogy
Hisiru  +   1283d ago
Yeah I also love the 60s Batman, and it has it's own appeal. I am still trying to find it in blu ray.

I also agree that it's a poor analogy, you can't even compare both Batmans because it has a totally different approach.
Muffins1223  +   1283d ago
And its a good engine too!!
knowyourstuff  +   1282d ago
lol @ iamnsuperman^

What he's referring to is the evolution of not the special effects, but the entire package, and as a package The Dark Knight is far more advanced in terms of action, acting, screen play and every other aspect you can think of. It's got all the aspects of modern film making that make films great, whereas when you look back at Batman with Adam West it appears extremely dated, just the same way the current gen will look dated when you look back on it 5 years from now. Get it now?
TruthbeTold  +   1282d ago

Yeah, but who honestly believes that that's what next gen consoles will be capable of if they release anytime soon? There's nothing on PC now that's as big a jump between say for instance it and PS3's best looking 1st party games. So how all of a sudden are we supposed to go from the proverbial *POW!* *WHAM* *BOOM* and nylon costumes to Spandex, form fitting plastic, CG, and surround sound right away? This guy is just hyping up his product, or has been horribly misquoted/misrepresented.
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FriedGoat  +   1282d ago
I wonder how much longer it will take the textures to load in with the new unreal engine.
Morrigan-Aensland  +   1283d ago
This article will be depressing for Nintendo fanboys, not the sensible fans . I can't wait for next gen consoles.
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Hisiru  +   1283d ago
What the hell? There is no mention of Nintendo in the entire article. Just goes to show why you only has 1 bubble.
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Hellsvacancy  +   1283d ago
Nothing wrong with Adam West as Batman, I loved the original Batman TV show

I hope next gen is as big as they say, its insane to even think about, its like, PS4 (720) owners are going to be amazed with the graphical improvements over the PS3 (360) where PC players are gonna be like "meh, welcome to PC gaming from 2012 dude" PC graphics are gonna be better, in time

It hard to think how things can keep getting better (in terms of graphics, memory etc)

Great times ahead, i wonder what excuses developers will have next gen when it comes to making games, there gonna have plenty tools to play with when making games "theres still not enough RAM to invision my idea"
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mafiahajeri  +   1283d ago
He didnt say there was anything wrong with it and if you guys dont understand the leap between the two spanning a gap of 46 years than WOW! What an over sensitive bunch you are, you guys leap at the chance to defend something you like and are blinded, dont worry we know you love the show...

You guys focused to much on his comparison, just understand that anything that happens in 46 years from now is sure to be a huge leap from anything you see today.

46 years is a long time get it!? Good...
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Moby-Royale  +   1283d ago
Lol baboon.

So the leap between the current consoles and the next will be the equivalent of the technological advances we as a society will *see in the next fourty-six years?


Hence why some people are questioning the logic of the analogy.

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strauser360  +   1282d ago
Are you people autistic? Come on you can't seriously not understand what an analogy is...
Summons75  +   1283d ago
So from awesome to decent?

I know what your trying to say but the analogy dosen't fit.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1283d ago
HammadTheBeast  +   1283d ago
lol wut movies did you watch?
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1283d ago
Star Wars 1313 is next gen & that is unreal 3.

" audiences expect constantly-improving game visuals"

I don't believe this. Console games have looked similar for the past 3 years.

If anything it's pc gamers that should expect that since they can upgrade. To bad the publishers are pricks..

I hope next gen devs will make games for pc then port down to console as that would make more sense. If the next consoles are like pc then this could happen.
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skyward  +   1283d ago
"audiences expect constantly-improving game visuals" - true statement when you're talking about new hardware
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1283d ago
oh.. so constantly every 7 years?
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lizard81288  +   1283d ago
"I hope next gen devs will make games for pc then port down to console as that would make more sense. If the next consoles are like pc then this could happen. "

I never understood why they didn't do this. Then PC owners get crappy ports, while the console version plays better (in some cases)
TheRacingX  +   1282d ago
They WOULD do it IF there was more $$$ to be made from it...sad truth is publishers make more from console game sales, whether the contributing factors are shrinking PC user base, pirating is soooo much easier, compatibility problems with 100's of different PC configurations, dev's & pub's figure its a waste of time & resources (ie $) the Batman point....thats a stupid reference because I can say thats already happened, I used to play Asteroids on my Atari 2600 , with 5 colors and goofy blocks, and now I play Super Stardust HD in 3D with 16 million colors, textures, physics etc......
ChunkyLover53  +   1283d ago
I much preferred Adam West's Batman voice to Bales. Also, Batman doesn't dance anymore, remember the Batusi?
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1283d ago
I've always wished I was born earlier so I could experience some classic games and music in their time when they were popular, but I'm not upset that I experienced The Dark Knight Trilogy instead of whatever that was.
ChunkyLover53  +   1283d ago
Now that's what I'm talking about! Also, Adam West didn't need molded plastic to make him look buff....PURE WEST!
HammadTheBeast  +   1283d ago
dafuq? LOL
mafiahajeri  +   1283d ago
Well Robin was more ripped than Batman and thats just wrong. Molded Plastic? LOL! They could barely put Batmans horns on his cowl... you guys must not understand what a leap means...
Fez  +   1283d ago
Heh. Nice meetin’ ya... (Just keep moving, don’t make eye contact)...
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ChunkyLover53  +   1283d ago
At least you got it! I think everyone else thought I was serious.
Ganzi  +   1283d ago
I don't understand why you very slightly misquoted Epic. He said "Adam West to Christian Bale" not "Adam West to Dark Knight Rises" in fact he never even said "Dark Knight Rises" at all. In any case, Unreal's next gen tech demo has been the least interesting in my opinion. Square Enix's Agni's Philosophy, Ubisoft's Watchdogs, and even Starwars 1313 had really interesting aspects to the demos outside of the tech.
h311rais3r  +   1283d ago
Well u mentioned 2 games which are not tech demos for engines. And squares I can damn guarantiddly guarantee it will NOT look that way on next gen consoles. It was running on a pc not available to the public. Which means its hella expensive.
sjaakiejj  +   1283d ago
" It was running on a pc not available to the public."

Where did you pull that from?

"What we were using today for this demonstration - it's of course high specification, but all the parts are also things readily available in the PC market right now. The graphics board you could probably buy without driving too far from here. It's very realistic that in the near future people can play a game with visuals of this quality. "
Ganzi  +   1283d ago
I know that Starwars and Watchdogs were games, but their debuts were essentially glorified tech demos. You can't tell me that they released them without the primary intention of showing off what they can do with the next gen tech.

Also, of course Agni's Philosophy was running on a PC. So was Unreal 4, Watchdogs, and Star wars.
sjaakiejj  +   1283d ago

Watch Dogs and Star Wars were both shown off with the intention of showing gameplay as well as technology. Agnis Philosophy was shown with the intention of introducing a new direction for Final Fantasy as well as showing new technology. The Unreal Engine 4 demo was shown with the sole purpose of showing off technology, which is why it may have seemed like the most boring one to you..
STONEY4  +   1283d ago
"It was running on a pc not available to the public. Which means its hella expensive."

It was confirmed to be running on a single GTX 680. Same card running the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo, Star Wars 1313, and (not confirmed, but suspected) Watch Dogs.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1283d ago
Agreed, i was impressed with SE's tech demo.
sandman224  +   1283d ago
Yes I want a huge leap in the graphics with the new console. If not what's the point in making a new console. My whole life since Atari came out I was seeing graphical jumps in consoles. That's what made gaming so big. If there isn't a graphical jump in graphics on the next consoles don't bother making them. Better yet wait till the tech is there then make them. Even though I'm sure it's there already.
MilkMan  +   1283d ago
Oh look it's EPIC selling & pushing their engine again. These guys should have been crack dealers.
Wait, is that "I'm you pusher" I hear on my MP3 player?
Campy da Camper  +   1283d ago
Bubs for ice-t reference
mamotte  +   1283d ago
Yes. I remember when we used to use our imagination. Now all comes ready to eat so we dont have to think.
Baka-akaB  +   1283d ago
The analogy makes no sense whatsoever
CandyCaptain  +   1283d ago
So basically he's saying it will go from this:

To what happened in the DKR.

So games are gonna cost a whole lot more to make, look a lot better. BUT essentially be the same thing in the end. Okay :D
akaakaaka  +   1282d ago
wtf you just make me re watch ... poor of me when i was a kid
DanielBryan  +   1283d ago
Adam West was an awesome Batman,he danced and went surfing.Bale is a cranky git.
InTheLab  +   1283d ago
Compare one of the best Batmen(?) to one that has been outshined by the the rest of the cast for 3 straight movies?

Adam West's Batman WAS the Batman of that era. Christian Bale's Batman is the Batman that Chris Nolan cooked up that vaguely resembles the Batman of this generation.

edit: Was so annoyed by the Batman quote that I forgot to comment on UE4. Looks good but I hope it won't end up in 90% of the games we play next gen, like UE3 is used this gen. Tired of that same old sameness in every UE game. Meaty necked muscle headed plastic men...
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modesign  +   1283d ago
Epic should be the last people to brag about "next gen" technology and graphics. what they make is the bottom of the barrel, what i really want to see is what naughty dog is going to do for next gen along with guerilla games.
intenorogogoo   1283d ago | Spam
SleazyChimp  +   1283d ago
Why is it so hard to understand the Batman comparison? Its about the production value of the two, not which is better. The 60's Batman used POW! and BANG! for special effects and looks like it was mainly filmed on a stage (360/PS3). Now compare that to the special effects in the new Batmans, intense explosions, sky hook pulling Batman out of sky scraper, football fields collapsing behind the player as he runs down the field ect.(Next Gen). When you look at it that way it makes perfect sense.

Secondly next gen is mainly about a graphics leap. When a system first launches no one has played it, so game play on all the launch titles are unknown. So how do these companies get everybody stoked about the new machines? They show you face melting graphics that you drool over and say many times over "I can't believe they can do that!" What is the number one concern most gamers express about the WiiU? Will its graphics hold up against MS and Sonys new machines when they release. Everybody expects next gen graphics to be mind blowing. How this is even in question is ridiculous. Its not completely about graphics, but its is at the forefront.
Dms2012  +   1283d ago
No use in trying to explain to these gits screaming "bad analogy". I instantly understood it was about production value. Then you have other dolts jumping in to bash Epic for no other reason than to be negative.
I for one am excited about next gen, even the Wii U.
taquito  +   1283d ago
next gen consoles will be NOWHERE CLOSE to the rig im typing this on, and they will not run unreal 4 in all its glory like pc will
#17 (Edited 1283d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Dms2012  +   1283d ago
So, you think its fair that whoever invests the most money gets to experience the games as they are meant to be played? Or whoever can do the most research to find the very best but least expensive PC components? Out of the millions of people that play games, how many of them do you think want to put that much effort into building a gaming rig? You PC enthusiasts should just stick with commenting on PC games, because you rarely have anything constructive or interesting to say other than "PC is superior". It makes you sound silly, you may as well be screaming 'Water is Wet!!!'.
sriki007  +   1283d ago
i always like the unreal and cry engine games...
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1283d ago
Good I like new batman.
Megaton  +   1283d ago
UE4 barely looks better than the current version of UE3. Dude's just trying to sling his product.
LordMe  +   1283d ago
All I see is more detailed graphics, which mean more budget spent in making a game, which also means that it will cost more and more.

Devs need to stop making better graphics and start making it easier to skin, animate and texture.
Treian  +   1282d ago
it was on the PC since 2007.
BitbyDeath  +   1282d ago
Bale is the worst Batman ever.
I guess just like the new Batman UE4 will not be for everyone.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1282d ago
Bale was only acting in a manner the Director desired; maybe it's Christopher Nolan who you should think is terrible, not Christian Bale. An actor may prove to be only as great as the director will allow him to be.
#23.1 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
glennco  +   1282d ago
i call BS. so you can't blame an actor for the acting in a movie, whatever. he plays one character in every damn movie which is himself. there isnt a hell of a lot of acting in the first place
Incipio  +   1282d ago far, all I see from UE4 is marginally better lighting and a crap ton of particles.

How is that an adam west / dark knight rises type of leap?
-MD-  +   1282d ago
It's gonna be funny when people see the minimal leap from this gen to the next.

It won't even be close to what it was previous gens.
glennco  +   1282d ago
christian bale has nothing on adam west but i still prefer michael keaton. the new batman movies are just pointless. when should i expect the next reboot. i dont want to live on a planet where the best movie we have to offer is a guy in a bat suit talking like john conner.
coolmaster  +   1282d ago
i love tacos
Kos-Mos  +   1282d ago
Computer graphics in movies never feels REAL, so epic once again talks from their bad spots on the human body.
Horny Melon  +   1282d ago
The problem this generation never was graphics. It was gameplay and worn out IP. Upping the poly count isn't going to fix this.
devilhunterx  +   1282d ago
incoming Epic Bullshots!
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