Candid Anthony Loves His Achievement Points

The Bitbag writes, "Candid Anthony talks about why achievement points make the Xbox 360 version of cross platform titles the better buy."

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DarkSniper3822d ago

Achievement points are nothing more than a tool of subliminal persuasion which gives the typical Xbox Chicken a reason to flap his feathers around wildly as he accomplishes something that will bear no relevance to his game progress or future.

At Sony, gamers are rewarded with a special incentive plan for achieving all of the amazing feats within the plethora of AAA games for PLAYSTATION® 3. Once Home is released, this will come into fruitition.

Dark Sniper is appalled by the mind corrupting tactics of Microsoft and has vowed to take a stand against their attempt at a satanic reign of the console war.


Bill Gates3822d ago

Achievements, just one of the many ways the BABOONS got fooled into buying the 360...AHAHHAHAAHAHHA

I bet most of you BABOONS who are in your 3rd and 8th xbox360 are really regretting you "Jumped In" huh?...and for the record I don't believe you when you say NO......AAAHHAHHAHHAHA

BloodySinner3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

I don't know how you got your extra bubble back, but it's going down. For obvious reasons.

BloodySinner3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

One of the many reasons the Xbox 360 has such a high attach rate. Second of all, if this story is related to the Xbox 360, why is it in the PS3 section?

Alcohog3822d ago

What the hell is the bitbag, anyways?

Alcohog3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

*double post error*

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