7 things you already forgot happened at E3

It’s only been a couple of months but chances are, with all that information flooding out of Los Angeles at the start of June, you’ve forgotten about some rather important gaming news. Worry not, help is at hand. Just like elephants, we remember everything.

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MultiConsoleGamer2144d ago

E3 was amazing this year.

In before several disagree votes.

rbailey2144d ago

Just about everything was Predictable about E3 2012..

Next year when all theses new consoles get announced, that E3 will blow this one out the water completely guaranteed

SilentNegotiator2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

....until we find out that they're "Kinect-box 1080" and "Wonderbook-Station"

But hey, they'll still have normal controllers for the annual Halo, COD, and Killzone. Because they're TOTALLY not abandoning the core for the fickle casual audience! Totally!

MattyG2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Absolutely! Wonderbook and Kinect and dance games galore! Gamers paradise! Who cares about Vita games or anything that uses a controller? And really, who wants surprises? Not me, that's for sure.

user54670072144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

As rbailey has pointed out above, it was very predicatble and nothing we wanted to be announced was shown.

Having leaks and showing games off before E3 is pointless.

I mean take PS All Stars for example, people were waiting for a ton of new characters, modes, features, an epic mash up trailer of our favorite characters and what do we get...a short demo with nothing new in it except for two characters, Drake and Big Daddy which were leaked on their facebook page two weeks before E3.

Next Year will hopefully be consoles will obviously make it special.

ATi_Elite2144d ago

The only thing I remember about this years E3 was my jaw hitting the floor while watching the PLANETSIDE 2 Live Stream!

Christopher2144d ago

E3 was pretty bland. Nothing new really came out of it but Watch Dogs and *shudders* Wonderbook.

TheLastGuardian2143d ago

You remembered Wonderbook but not Beyond: Two Souls? For shame.

Christopher2143d ago

I was scarred, okay?!? Scarring causes people to forget many of the good things in life.

Leave me alone!

*cries alone in corner*

Irishguy952143d ago

Ubi where the only ones who saved E3 from the **** pile this year

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ChunkyLover532144d ago

You really got the sense that Sony and Microsoft were biding time until next E3. You could also tell that some of the software companies really waned to let loose and show some things, but weren't allowed to.

Next E3 should be the most epic E3 in recent memory. As long as we don't see a ton of "CGI" game trailers. That might ruin the fun a bit, I want to actually see these new games played a bit.

prototypeknuckles2144d ago

i think e3 was disappointing because people like myself thought nintendo was going to dominate and im more of a sony gamer and i was saying "this is nintendos year they have to bring it how can they lose star fox, f-zero here i come" but they kind of dropped the ball, and for some reason people believed that the next xbox and playstation would be revealed, all of this combined with a majority of sequels and things we clerly saw coming ruined e3.

also sony where were the vita games.

MattyG2144d ago

I actually did forget most of theses things. Besides a couple cool demos, not much stood out to me this year.

Nerdmaster2143d ago

That's because none of these things are worth remembering.

MattyG2143d ago

Exactly. E3 as a whole was barely worth remembering.

12345bnm2144d ago

What?! That was the real E3?
I thought they were only joking.

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