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Wizziokid2111d ago

If it is set to launch next year be sure to see it at Christmas/Holiday time. no doubt about that

tehpees32111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Probably November next year. Thats Xbox's favourite month when major new hardware launches.

JBSleek2111d ago

E3 2013 can't come fast enough. I want it, I want it really bad!!

bub162111d ago

"Over the next 18 months, Microsoft will release new versions of all key products - including Windows, Office and Xbox."

maybe they mean software not hardware? seeing as windows and office are software

cleft52111d ago

Hope you guys are ready to pay too much for a console that will constantly break on you like the 360 did. Clearly, this is a reaction the Wii U being released and the last time Microsoft rushed a console release we got the 360. So have fun with your console that will constantly break on you, better buy a store warrant guys.

bub162111d ago

with Microsoft I will defiantly wait for 6 months to e year to see how much they break, by that time there should be a nice selection of games aswell

wwm0nkey2111d ago

Do you honestly believe Microsoft will let another RROD happen? They will want to beat Sony to the next gen but not at the cost of what happened with the RROD again. That put a bad name on the brand and even though it got fixed awhile ago people still remember.

But neither of us can say what will happen because guess what? Its not out yet!

cleft52111d ago

Before Wii U was announced they weren't even mentioning or hinting at a new 360. Now that Wii U has been announced and they are trying to push Windows 8, which is rumored that the next xbox console will use, they are talking about a console release within a year or so.

Dude we can complain all we want about the RROD but ultimately releasing that console a year early got them a huge lead on the PS3 and Sony was never able to catch up. Microsoft will not allow anyone to get a year lead on them and they certainly don't want Nintendo getting a solid foothold in the market.

Oh yeah, Gabe Newell is quoted as saying Windows 8 is terrible. If the new xbox uses it then that doesn't bode well. Also, Microsoft cares less about their reputation and more about how much money they make. Kinect is a piece of shit that barely works, yet they sold 8 million units of it and thats all that matters to them.

SlapHappyJesus2111d ago


Windows 8 shouldn't negatively effect a console in any way. Newell's issue with 8 is its supposed pushing of games for windows live. It's more about pc gaming than anything.

LAZL0-Panaflex2111d ago

Yes i do. American electronics.

ChunkyLover532111d ago

The first Xbox was a tank, probably the most well constructed video game console of all time. The launch Xbox 360's had issues with the heat sink, after the first year or so, those issues were mostly resoled. The Xbox 360s has absolutely no problems whatsoever.

In fact, there was a recent survey of 500k people and they said the Xbox 360 was as reliable as the PS3.

Microsoft always has top notch warranties and costumer service as well.

Really looking forward to the 720's launch, which is why all the current gen games need to hurry up and launch, because once the 720 has a release date, all my money is going towards that and launch games. Next gen has taken long enough to get here.

FragMnTagM2111d ago


People that go off at the mouth about the RROD are idiots.

Sure it sucked, and I even had one RROD on me, but the problem was not hard to fix even if you had no idea what the f&(* you were doing. All you had to do was go to llama X360 repair page and either order the parts from them or go to a hardware store yourself.

I still have a launch 360 that I just decided to repair a few weeks ago.

Took me a whopping 20 minutes to fix.

None of the hardware actually breaks, It is just that the Clamps they used allowed the motherboard to flex a little too much and when it cooled down, the graphics chip would be separated from the motherboard a little bit.

Easy as hell to fix. Simply heat it back up, reapply new thermal past between heat sink and GPU, then use screws instead of the X-clamp, and bam fixed.

I had more issues with my launch PS1 and PS2 than I ever did with the 360. My PS1 either had to be on it's side or upside down to even play games at all, and the PS2 the very first game I put into brand new out of the box it gave me the disc read error.

I had to open up the PS2 a lot to clean the stupid lens so it would read discs. It got so bad that it would only read the silver discs and would not even notice if a black or blue bottomed disc was even in the tray. Guess what, Sony wanted to charge me 100+ dollars to fix a 20-30 dollar part.

Microsoft repaired theirs for 3 years for free.

Get off your high horse cleft. All consoles have problems. Some more than others, but all have problems.

I have owned the majority of consoles since the Atari and nearly all of them had problems. The only two that still work that I own from the older days are the N64 and SNES.

The Meerkat2111d ago

The Xbox will be 8 years old next November. How is that RUSHED?

The PS2 launched 6 years after the PS1. Was the PS2 rushed?

The PS3 launched 6 years after the PS2. Was the PS3 rushed?

cleft52111d ago

Thats a bad example because the PS2 had a bunch of disc reading errors when the console initially released. People forget that, but the PS2 was the 360 of that time with all it's breaking.

Straightupbeastly2111d ago

There was a reason those gens needed to move forward. DVD format, online and HD were all major breakthroughs in gaming that forced corps to release a next gen console with those features. There is no set time limit per gen.

In my opinion, there is no breakthrough feature yet for next gen, it just has not come along yet. Are people going to look at Xbox 720 and say I need to have that? I doubt it. I think it will be more like I want that not need it. We'll see

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

You must want a console every 20 years? They are not rushing anything.. You are just cheap. Or having hard times.

JBSleek2111d ago

So it will be eight years in this generation cycle yet you claim that they are rushing it because of the Wii-U yet it comes out a year later.

Also Microsoft has shown to now make great hardware when they must such as the Surface.

I will enjoy a good console and play some impressive games as you sulk in your anger and resentment that will prevent you from playing some really good games.

OneAboveAll2108d ago

Yea because the PS2 didn't have a high failure rate or anything did it? Sony got their act together with the PS3. I'd imagine MS will also.

Let's not be so ignorant shall we?

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