New Just Cause 2 details

Last year's Just Cause was a breath of fresh air for the action shooter genre. With that being said, it is obvious that a sequel would sprout up. Through a hands on session at IGN, new information regarding the sequel is laid on the surface. The details may be read below:

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Skerj3850d ago

Sweet, the first one was surprisingly mindless fun. You have to completely bolster and reinforce your suspension of disbelief however, because seeing a guy holding onto a jet with ONE HAND going 200mph then propel himself to the front to take it over is like "WTF?". Not to forget the fact that you can skyjack a helicopter jump THROUGH the blades and deploy a parachute 30ft above ground.

I hope they tighten up the story and get rid of the chief guy who was annoying as hell.

toughNAME3849d ago


good find undercover

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Gazman3849d ago

Cant wait for this one

BigBadPolo3849d ago

The first was very much under appreciated. It was a surprise and a great all around game, dare I say sandbox game of the year really. Looking forward to this for sure.

Nostradamus3849d ago

And very underappreciated, I never finished it, the missions were too repetitive, but I would play for hours just roaming around jacking fighter jets and stuff.

The vehicles were great, there were over 90 vehicles in total.