Sleeping Dogs (PS3) Gets Large Day 1 Patch

Sleeping Dogs will release next week and you can expect to see a patch ready for download upon inserting the disc into your PlayStation 3.

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bunfighterii1871d ago

Nice? I'd rather be playing the game than getting a patch for it!

jukins1871d ago

so basically you want to play a more broken game as opposed to waiting 10 mins to play a less broken game? what a ignorant statement

Capt-FuzzyPants1871d ago

I think he's saying the game should be fine the way it is when it releases and ready to play, but I don't really care as long as the patches don't take forever to download.

Abdou231871d ago

It's good that they are aware and fixing the game,But it's sad that they releasing a broken game to begin with.

tigertron1871d ago

At least they dealbt with whatever issues the game had quickly.

LAZL0-Panaflex1871d ago

Things like this make me wanna do 3rd party games on Xbox.

JellyJelly1871d ago

It's usually the safe bet to get third party titles on the 360, although this far into the generation the difference between PS3/360 versions are usually pretty minor.

sandman2241871d ago

We will have to wait till lens of truth analyzes this game to see who will be the victor. I have a feeling Sony will come out on top with this game........?

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