Dead or Alive 5 - Opening Declaration Trailer

The fine folks over at GameSpot have just put forth an exclusive Dead or Alive 5 trailer, dubbed Opening Declaration, showing off scenes from the game's single-player story mode.

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Lord_Sloth1930d ago

I've seen this a few times already so is it really exclusive?

At any rate, awesome trailer.

waltyftm1930d ago

Agreed, it was on Facebook yesterday, cant wait to play this day one.

HiddenMission1930d ago

I haven't played a DOA game in forever just not into the fighting game scene anymore.

Klonopin1930d ago ShowReplies(1)
Athlon1929d ago

I'm definitely getting the game Day 1, no doubt; but that trailer was painful to listen to. :-/ I thought I heard Vanilla Ice rapping in some parts. lol