Dark Sector Preview from GameSpy

Sterling McGarvey of GameSpy writes:

"We slice, dice, and blast our way through a new level of the sci-fi action shooter."

Still feels fun and immediately familiar; glaive controls have been fine-tuned.

Framerate stability issues in this level that we haven't seen in prior demos.

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DarkSniper3700d ago

Dark Sniper expects Sony Snipers worldwide in supporting Dark Sector recieving superior sales on PLAYSTATION® 3. With the title of the game bearing a close resemblance to the name of the infamous Dark Sniper, he expects the word to spread about N4G as Dark Sniper's namesake alone will generate sales and interest of Dark Sector for PLAYSTATION® 3.


permutated3700d ago


Stop talking in the third person, you sound like a retard.

permutated3700d ago

I really, really want this game!

rootEXT3700d ago

I can't wait for this game, i'm getting this for my X360 because of the rumble

Jump in Play Beyond

ravinash3700d ago

I'll be getting this for the PS3 for the rumble....I should have the controller by the time this comes out.