Silent Hill HD Fixed on PS3, 360 Owners Screwed Over

OWNT speculates the reasons behind Konami's patch fiasco and considers how gamers can avoid being duped by similar scandals in the future.

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darthv721809d ago

but it looks like i need to go research what this fiasco really entails.

Is the game so broken that it is unplayable? Or is this being made into something bigger than it really is?

Skate-AK1808d ago

There was some audio and framerate problems. Also SH2 was missing the fog. Idk if it's unplayable though cause I havnt played it. The reason it has these problems is cause Konami gave the dev team a beta code so it had bugs that were not in the final release and they didn't know how to fix it. Konami couldn't find the source code for the games.

jc485731809d ago

can't they sue Konami for this?

Dark_Overlord1809d ago

I'm not sure about suing, but they can demand a refund, as Konami knowingly sold a broken product that they refuse to fix.

Bowzabub1809d ago

So PS3 has the definitive version. OK. Seriously though, I feel bad for any and all gamers (my brothers & sisters) that got screwed in this fiasco.

Servbot411809d ago

Nah, PS2 and the original Xbox have the definitive versions of SH2. PS2 has the definitive version of SH3.

jc485731809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

they still haven't fixed the occasional freezing/crashing issues where you are forced to shutdown your ps3 (takes forever).

sandman2241809d ago Show
Trenta271809d ago

I bought this game day one. I should have waited...

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The story is too old to be commented.