New Tekken Character

About "Nancy".
Comes out on bonus stage.
Whether you win or lose (haven't seen anybody beat it)
goes on to next stage.

Doesn't block any moves.
But has huge lifebar (like maybe 10times normal?)
Can't juggle, attacks even when he's getting hit.

Missiles, Lasers, etc.
Maybe after you beat him you might get a bonus item??
Nobody has beaten him yet

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saello2mylilfrin3820d ago

Alot of new fun stuff in Tekken 6. I hope this is real can't wait til this comes to an arcade near my area.

INehalemEXI3820d ago

It reminds me of a contra boss.

TheTwelve3820d ago

Wow, so Namco IS putting some extra work behind this one. It was looking like kinda lame, and I'm a huge Tekken fan. Nice.


sonarus3820d ago

yea visually the game wasnt looking to impressive but it really is all about the combat and as long as the combat is solid it will still be a worth purchase for me. I will probably get this and soul calibur

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The story is too old to be commented.