Rumor | Ryu Hayabusa in All-Stars, New Rivalry & Box Art Leak For PS All-Stars! + Sackboy

iGG: Looking around on the PS All-Stars forums, I came across a few surprises. Several users managed to make out a few leaks and get tidbits of information for PlayStation All-Stars after SuperBot updated the game’s official website. Unfortunately, the website was reverted back to normal after the information got out, but we do have some screens for you!

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iXenon1955d ago

Sony and Superbot just can't catch a break, huh?

SoundGamer1955d ago

Well, if this stuff was on the official website, it's their fault anyway.

showtimefolks1955d ago

Raiden also in

If all the leaks before and now this are true than its a great roster and I think will only grow as the release date nears plus I think some of the 3rd party ones might be as dlc

Nimblest-Assassin1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Scythe? I think that's the new Dante, not Ryu

The third party's are bugging me, because it seems like they are promoting their new games. New Dante, why not an established character like Jill valentine or classic Dante? I have no problems with raiden, but why is mgr raiden the default? Hell why not mgs4 raiden... Or naked or old snake? Characters who are established as ps all.stars

Super bot is doing a great job with first party, but the third party's are really milking the game to advertise

The box art looks great though... But the uk one looks pretty bad... Hopefully they get a good one too

Andreas-Sword1955d ago

I hope, there will be also Ryu Hayabusa!

jonboi241955d ago

whats the big difference between mgs4 raiden and mgr raiden? seriously they can easily make that an alternative costume. and don't blame super bot for the third party character roster, they don't have the final word. if there is anyone to blame than blame the 3rd parties. its the same thing with the marvel roster in marvel vs capcom 3 and marvel having the final word.

Nimblest-Assassin1955d ago


The difference is mgs4 is already out... And mgr is not

Sure, mgs4 raiden is going to be a costume... That's given... But mgr is not established as a playstation game yet

Thats my problem with mgr raiden and new Dante....instead of using established models.. They are using ones playstation gamers are not familiar with

I understand that superbot has no say in what they get.... And that's why the third party's are bugging me

sinncross1955d ago

Honestly I care less which model we get. As long as the likes of Raidin and Dante are fun to play as that is all that ultimately matters.

admiralvic1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I think we can all agree Capcom went overkill on Biohazard characters in MvC 3, We had Jill, Wesker, Chris and Tyrant... so honestly I am quite happy to see someone else from them. Additionally All Stars doesn't need another gun user.

Larry L1955d ago

@ Nimblest

While I think you're correct about the scythe being new Dante's, not Ryu's. I completely disagree about your content criticism. New Dante is only going to be the default costume. It makes sense. For Capcom to allow All Stars to use Dante, it's obvious there would be a clause to that, which would be the main default costume would have to be the design from the new game.

But whether you like new Dante design like me, or dislike him like other gamers commenting on the internet seem to, that's no reason to complain about him being in PlayStation All-Stars because SuperBot already confirmed that every character will have at least 3 alternate costumes. 2 unlockable in the game, and 1 for each character in the game for pre-orders.

So with at least 3 alternates, at least 1 of them is going to be "Classic Dante" and another will probably be "Virgil". And the pre-order costume will be something weird, crazy and out of left field.

So spread the word to other people like yourself complaining that it's Emo Dante in the All-Stars character leak. These people are forgetting each character has 3 costumes.

Knight_Crawler1954d ago

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Sony are not paying to use the 3rd party charaters...if this is the case then Super Bot cant just say we want to use this version of your charater.

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sikbeta1954d ago

Ryu Hayabusa join Big Daddy in the "WTF they got to do with PlayStation legacy!?" why them and not Kazuma Kiryu at least!? :/

TheLastGuardian1954d ago

WTF does Big Daddy have to do with PlayStation? Let's see, he's been in two PlayStation 3 games and may possibly be in the PlayStation Vita exclusive BioShock game.

Are you forgetting that Bioshock 1 had PS3 exclusive challenge rooms DLC and that BioShock lnfinite is getting Bioshock 1 on disc, 3D and Move support all exclusive to the PS3 version?

BioShock is more of a PlayStation series than it is a PC or Xbox series even if the original did come to PS3 a year later. Big Daddy is a badass character and would be awesome to have in a fighting game. It makes perfect sense for him to be in PlayStation All-Stars.

majiebeast1954d ago

3 Tekken characters rumour has been debunked by Clockw0rk on neogaf.

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KingOptimusOrigin1111955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I can't wait to pick this up day one. I hope Old Solid Snake makes it in.

TheFallenAngel1955d ago

DLC for sure if not in the game.

KingOptimusOrigin1111955d ago

That would be sad and a money grabbing on the part of Konami. I would pay for it but that would be unfair considering Snake is a PlayStation legend next to Kratos & Drake.

ginsunuva1954d ago

Here's the dillema: he's a playstation legend. But he would kinda suck to play as. Imagine him and his slow walking, no jumping, aching back, with a few guns and a cardboard box.

He should 100% be at least a background cameo, though.

user54670071955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Ryu Hayabusa ...hopefully not

Give us some PS1 classics Sony, not characters I couldn't give a crap about.

Urgh...Raiden is in this...we want Old Snake, come on Sony.

I guess that leak was right then...means New Dante is going to be in this.

Does anyone feel like third party wise this is going to turn into a promotional thing to promote developers new games. Funny how it's ones fans arn't sure about

Raiden - Metal Gear Rising
New Dantes - dmc reboot
Kat (minion) - dmc reboot

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

I'm not too sure about the roster either. Way too many third party characters I couldnt give two sh*ts about. Also, fan favourites of third party characters are missing, like old snake, old Dante.

And I dont see Dart from Legend of Dragoon either...

user54670071955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I know right

I think the worst thing about these leaks is that they will still reveal Sackboy at Gamescon for example even though we already know it's coming. Kind of like how they leaked Big Daddy and Drake before E3 yet still announced them.

I think they should just come out now, confirm/deny the characters, show them off and then release some new info at the next games event.

I just can't believe that they would include Raiden when people mostly remember Snake because of Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, hell it's not even Raidens PS2 design it's Metal Gear Rising (promotional?) or new Dante...they know for a fact people hate the new Dante so why included him. I know it's "Well it was him or nothing" but they could of rejected Capcoms deal and include another First part character instead....I mean it's Capcoms loss.

jonboi241955d ago

@HammadTheOne maybe some other people give two sh*ts about the third party characters announced/leaked

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

Yes, but not many people care about the "new" versions.

admiralvic1955d ago


they confirmed the leak a while back, so they're doing that at least.

Reverent1955d ago

At the risk of taking crap from people, I LOVE the MGR Raiden look and I'm super excited to see him in the game.

TBM1954d ago

For those people complaining about the roster especially 3rd characters how about you come up with the money to pay those companies. if those companies say no for a particular character what the hell do u expect Sony to do throw millions of dollars at them just for a simple character?

also how about you people show some damn patience and wait for superbot to reveal the final roster total. man I've never seen so any entitled gamers this generation.

if u want certain characters buyout the company and tell superbot to put in whatever characters you want.

patience people, freaking have some.

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Nimblest-Assassin1955d ago

Don't blame Sony or superbot.... Blame the third party's. Superbot can't choose who they get... The third party's choose who they get.

And yeah, it feels like the third party's are using the game to advertise... The only third party characters I am fine with are raiden and big daddy... The rest are meh

Cryptcuzz1954d ago

I am surprised no one from Assassins Creed is in this as a third party character.

Outside_ofthe_Box1955d ago

All of these third party character reveals/leaks keep disappointing me.

The only 3rd party character I'm OK with is Raiden. The rest I want replaced with more PlayStation iconic third party characters.

Omar911955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

@mike all i see you do is complain about this game... I can't imagine how you would be if they announce that crash and spyro are not in the game..

Theres still a few characters to be revealed and you guys are complaining? who knows we might get some more iconic characters later on in the upcoming months. this doesn't mean that there will be no ps1 characters.

user54670071955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

If you've actuallu read my posts in the past ive done nothing but praise this game and defended it from the copycat remarks.......but im not going to pretend to be happy when theres something wrong with the game.

Dont be blind man, no game is perfect. If you want something changed you have to voice your opinion on it. Besides im seeing a lot more worse comments on here about this game

Omar911955d ago

and I get it, I agree with you about the whole character roster so far. But its something that is already final with superbot, and theres not much that can be done. yes we can voice our opinions of the characters but superbot already has there roster and I doubt they will change that.

what Im trying to say is theres still plenty of more characters to be announced. you don't know whats snakes role in this game. he could very well be a character in the game, new dante can just be a skin. We need to trust superbot. Im sure they know we want more iconic characters. this is after all a "playstation" made game.

sobekflakmonkey1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Raiden? Fuck Raiden, what about Cyborg Ninja? I think he deserved to be in that game more than Raiden does, and if anything Raiden should be an alternate for Cyborg Ninja.

Another thing, I'm gonna say for the record, I think the new DMC Dante looks pretty bad ass, BUT were talking about a game called "Playstation ALLSTARS" Dante from the first DMC should be default, and new Dante should be an alternate, and don't get me started on all these random ass characters like the big daddy, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Bioshock an Xbox360 and PC exclusive for the longest time, and didn't see a release on PS3 for another year or so after it released on Xbox...I mean, I like Bioshock...but WHAT THE FUCK is the big daddy doing in this game?

Cryptcuzz1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

It is because the Bioshock guys have been very supportive of Playstation as of late.

This is Sony way of appreciating their business relationship.

Sony: Hey guys, thanks for all the support recently!

Bioshock guys: No problem! I am sure you guys would take care of us!

Sony: We got a super secret game we are working on and you have an upcoming Bioshock game to be released, how about we help you help us by having Big Daddy in the game!?

Bioshock guys: Aweseome! Not only can we build hype and promotion for our upcoming game by doing this, you guys would be getting exposure to our fans as well!

Sony: No Sh*t! So you in bro daddy!??!

Bioshock guys: Only if you agree to carve our names on the tree trunk over there and do another friendship pact!

Christopher1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

If it helps promote games and gives people more to experience with characters that they like, I don't see the issue.

Sure, you may not get all the characters you want, but be happy for what you can get. Especially if they continue to just grow the roster over time with new games.

Also, I don't think they want to, pardon the phrase, shoot their load by revealing all first-party options right out of the gate. I believe they are going to hold off on as much as they can as DLC for the game or mini-expansions for it via PSN.

Lord_Sloth1954d ago

Just because Raiden's in this doesn't mean Snake is not. I'd say if any franchise is worthy of 2 reps, it's MGS.

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-Alpha1955d ago

Have to assume some of these are minions. Can't imagine 3 Tekken characters taking up the main slots

iXenon1955d ago

Tekken Battle Royale?!

jukins1955d ago

i can see it. seeing as how sony and namco were best friends when it came to tekken in arcades as well as on consoles up until this gen.

VanillaBear1955d ago

They better not waste three character slots on Tekken. As MikeCosgrove has said above why not just do more first party characters instead if they can't get the third party characters they want. It wouldn't be as bad having more then one character from a recent Sony franchise, it is there first fighting game I would give them the benefit of the doubt.

If it does well then the developers who wouldn't give Superbot what they wanted will give them it when they do a sequel because the game was succesfull

TheFinalEpisode1955d ago

What 3? This leak hints Jin might be in it and Heiachi is confirmed that's only 2 or is there a rumor for another Tekken character?

TheFinalEpisode1955d ago

Oh ok now I saw it in the alternate source, but I doubt they would put 3 Tekken characters and not other possible secondary characters like Dr. Nefarious, Quark, Zeus, Nix or Quo and two MGS characters (Raiden and Snake if the rumors are true) so if they are in fact putting 3 Tekken characters it might be good news!

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OllieBoy1955d ago

Ryu vs. Dante vs. Kratos vs. Nariko

The action genre would be well-represented, for sure.

Krimmson1955d ago

Battle of the Hack 'n Slashes.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

I see an Assassin, maybe Altair or Ezio in the background beside Nariko as well. Or it might just be the new one, Connor, I think,