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Submitted by iXenon 1209d ago | opinion piece

Why I’m Worried About PS All-Stars

Damien Munoz of iGo Gaming: “Sony is ripping off of Nintendo!” “Wahh, PS All-Stars is just a complete rip off if Super Smash Bros!” Is this the problem that worries me about Sony’s upcoming brawler? Not at all. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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Whitefeather  +   1210d ago
More doom and gloom...
-Mika-   1210d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(4)
jacksonmichael  +   1210d ago
Why I'm Not Worried about PS All-Stars

I'm an optimist.
jimbobwahey  +   1209d ago
Why I'm not worried: Everybody who's played the game says it's brilliant.
MYRMIK  +   1209d ago
Did these kind of articles exist in years past, that is from when we had internet sites to frequent? I just don't recall so much speculation about something unavailable before. Used to be, the game is released, you play it, then you voice your opinion. Nowadays, there's so much floating around when at most some have just played a beta.
SoundGamer  +   1210d ago

I'm not worried.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1210d ago
Should be called 'Why I Write for Hits'

Seriously, super worried about balance is the only thing here and it's not even out yet. Makes no sense, they will probably be tweaking the balance right up until it comes out. Their team has a bunch of experienced fighting game community people on it, if anyone knows what balance is it's probably them. So dumb.
-Alpha  +   1210d ago
As someone who is in the beta, the article is not entirely wrong when it says that Super 3's are not worth saving up to. Right now, for some characters, Super 1's and 2's are much more effective than they probably should be. Way too easy to use Sly's Super 1 for example, and it is much more efficient than saving to a Super 3. Guys like Parappa have a worthless Super 3 because his Super 2 is much more effective and makes much more sense to use. There is no proper reward for using his Super 3: It only nets 3 kills when his Super 2 can get those 3 kills much easier, and even if you miss, you are better off retaining a Super 1 than saving it all for a Super 3.

This is something I hope SB tweaks, there are a variety of things they can do to improve this: Make Super 3's longer, make the AP it takes to get to Super 2 and Super 3 the same as it takes to get to Super 1, reward an extra point for Super 3's (maybe +3 for kill, as opposed to +2, or -2 for deaths caused, as opposed to -1).

Kratos is probably the best balanced in terms of super management-- his Super 3 is deadly and worth saving up to. That's something I dont feel like doing with the rest
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DeforMAKulizer  +   1210d ago
The most important thing is to pass this info to Superbot so that they can fix up the game and make it the best it can be!

Write in the beta forums and tell them that.
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-Alpha  +   1210d ago
I've written it in the NeoGaf forums, where Clockwork posts (and where he gave me a code). Other ideas have been posted too. I think making all three supers require the same amount of AP (instead of Super 3's needing a like 200% more of what it takes to reach a Super 1) would change up the game quiet a bit. But balancing this is tricky. Thankfully, there seems to be a ton of options u can tweak, and if we can tweak the game right down to controlling AP per character, it should't be a problem to finetune this ourselves. But as it is, some of the Super 1's are either too easy to pull off or much more efficient than the Super 3 counterparts.

Keep in mind that this whole mechanic would work different for 2v2, Stock, and 1v1. Also, SB can tweak the game by looking at their server stats without putting out a patch, so, if it is an issue in the full game, they will adjust.
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user5467007  +   1210d ago
What about Auto kill Level 3 to the Manual ones

Do you think people will just go for the characters who's Lv 3 will auto kill everyone on the stage?

I still think they should have a Super Smash Bros mode...just call it "That Familar Mode" as a nod to it
Whitefeather  +   1209d ago
I'm in the beta too and from my experience I can get 10 kills 2 deaths using some lower tier specials. It all depends on how you use the character. The auto kills will only net you 3 kills but they are guaranteed other wise with the manual ones you can get 3 or you can get 5 or 6. Depends on the player.
-Alpha  +   1209d ago
Not really. Depends on how bad the Super 2's are. Super 2's must be pretty bad (net u only 2 kills max) in order for you to want to save up to a super 3. But With Parappa (and probably Heihachi too) Super 2's are more effective. I can get 2-3 kills easily with Parappa's super 2, which makes more sense than saving up for a Super 3.
Omar91  +   1209d ago
also keep in mind this is a pretty old build of the game. maybe all these tweaks have been made already
R_aVe_N  +   1209d ago
I find that some of the Super 3's work really well if you have a plan in mind I find myself thinking a lot more while playing this than most fighting games. I do agree some super 3's dont have enough punch as of now, but that is easily fixed.
r21  +   1209d ago
based on your comment, wouldnt it make sense just to swap Parappa's super 2 with super 3?
smashcrashbash  +   1209d ago
I don't think it is sounds worthless at all. The level one and two supers can be dodged by people who can play the game. I actually saw people dodging Parappa's skate board as if it was nothing.If you pull off a level three super at least that is six points easy rather then trying to hit everyone while they dodge it. I also heard of people who actually managed to pull off two level three supers like that in a game. That is twelve points you are talking about there. Plus if you all ready have a certain amount of points already a level clearing super could very well win you the game. You talk as if it is nothing. Besides at what point in time did the complaining flip around? What happened to all the b***hing about how all you have to do is choose the guy with the sure kill supers and you got it made?

The point is that people will use certain strategies depending on the situation. Just because you decide that the level twos are more effective it doesn't mean that they will always be affective against others especially when people get better at the game. Just imagine trying to hit people with Parappa's attack when people learn to dodge and duck and leap away.This is the same thing that went on with UC2 with people unbalancing the whole game. How about we see how it pans out before we start telling them to change this and that. Just because the sure kill supers don't do it for you doesn't mean someone else won't be able to use them effectively.Also if it really becomes a problem I am sure they can do something as simple as decrease the amount of time it takes to build up a sure kill super to make it more effective but making sure it doesn't build up too fast so people can exploit it

@ MikeCosgrove . Yeah we heard you the first ten million times.
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-Alpha  +   1209d ago
I'm not saying it's completely worthless, just that, if you are gaining AP fast enough, why not use a bunch of Super 1's or 2's instead of 2 Super 3's? Lower tiered supers are not as hard as they say they are.

Of course Parappa's 2 is dodgeable, but so are some Super 3's. what I'm beginning to notice is more players using Super 1's and 2's (Sly's is very OP'd for a Super 1) and getting kills bit by bit, instead of saving up for one big Super.

"How about we see how it pans out before we start telling them to change this and that." They definitely need to change Sly's Super 1, believe me. Sly is the perfect example of a character whose Super 1's are much more effective in nearly all situations than his Super 3.

As for getting 10 points with a Super 3-- sure, you could do that. Or, you could get 2-4 points per Super 1, which is nearly half of one Super 3. If you spend your whole time getting to a Super 3, you will probably get 10 points, but in that case, you could fit a lot more Super 1's in there and probably do just as well if not better. It's not that it's a problem of situation, but right now, Super 1's feel easier than they should be with some characters. I am not suggesting to change everything, if there is an issue, there are some easy fixes that could make Super 3's more desirable (extra points, longer duration for Sly/Radec, etc).
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user5467007  +   1210d ago
My problem is the horrible third party characters

We get...

New Dante instead of Old Dante
Raiden instead of Snake...hell not even Raidens design from MGS2
Likely theres no Crash
Likely theres no Spyro
No Lara
Good FF characters...Squall/Cloud, we'll probably get Lightning
No Croc
No Resident Evil character
Toan from Dark Cloud
Hell not even Rayman or the Prince of Persia

I could go on

Some may be announced, some might not...but things arn't looking good for most of them.

REAL PS1/PS2 characters are what we actually want Superbot.
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VanillaBear  +   1209d ago
I'd like to add Mike to your list

3 Tekken characters and two versions of Cole

Very disappointing characters
Fez  +   1209d ago
It's tough, but...

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tehpees3  +   1209d ago
Who really expects this game to be well balanced? You would have to jump through a lot of hoops to be able to pull it off when the roster is big.
Nexgensensation  +   1209d ago
holy $h*T
whoa! the way i had pictured it, the gameplay have absolute chaos and only the skilled can triumph...

How tempting?
9thWonder  +   1209d ago
well ever since i heard the only way to get points was to perform a super then i kept wondering to myself why do i have to be restricted to just that i mean ok you dont want to take most of what smash has but still this approach will have some problem if not thought out carefully
boybato  +   1209d ago
you gotta believe!!!!!

well it's more convincing when parrapa says it...
Cryptcuzz  +   1209d ago
Why I'm worried about the future of gaming journalism: Damien Munoz of iGo Gaming.
knifefight  +   1209d ago
"Hurbrrrrf dur hurrrrrf ffffrrrrrrrfff."

That's what Damien Munoz sounds like.

Because he is stupid.
Adolph Fitler  +   1209d ago
And All Stars ripped off Powerstone, so all fair huh. Nintendo rips off A LOT, & they not only seem to get away with it & have a free pass from game journalists, as well as whining fangirls that accuse others of ripping them off, but they also get accolades for inventing genres, technology & such that they ripped off somebody else.

It's a shame Sega went out isntead of Nintendo, as they have been trying to hold back the industry for years (I mean, if they had there way, we'd still all be playing games on cartridge with 64.5 bit graphics), they wouldn't let go of catridges, then they sold us a underpowered console with a gimmicky control scheme that hardly a game utilized well & even the ones that did, did not benefit anymore than using a standard gamepad. We lapped up the Wii for either ourselves, or like I, for my kids, even though it was underpowered & overpriced last gen crap. Now a benchmark has been set, & Sony & MS WILL have taken notice & WON'T be putting all there emphasis on making as powerful a console as possible, as we have proven that a gimmick sells better than a powerful machine by giving Nintendo it's supposed near 100 million instal base.

It's a sad but true fact now.....the big boys have been slapped in the face by dopey Nintendo fangirls that think Nintendo created life itself, can do no wrong, have taken the industry forward (which WAS true until SNES ended it reign), are responsible for every innovation/invention in the video game insdustry since the year dot, as well as soccer mums & other such casuals, & idiots like me that thought my kids would like & appreciate it more than a PS3/360, which is BS, as my 6yr old boy would rather play either PS3 or 360 tenfold over his Wii, in fact he hardly ever asks to play the Wii & will break his neck to get to my PS3 or 360, even if it's to play a similar title like a Lego game, he prefers playing on the big boys toys, as even at 3,4,5 & now at 6, he knows Wii visuals suck, even at a young age his eyes & brain picked up that PS3 & 360's visuals drop trowl & leave a cleavland steamer all over the Wii's.

We have colletively sealed our own fates, & screamed from the rooftops to Sony, MS, Nintendo, OnLive, & now that other company thats now getting in on the action with a console sized smartphone (without the phone) Ouya or whatever dumba$$ name they call it, we have screamed to them that we want more basic machine with less groundbreaking tech, & more gimmicks like motion constrols & bloody ridiclous tablet crap that costs plenty of money in manufacturing that could be spent giving us machines that will still have decent looking games in 5-6yrs after launch.

I'm sure I will get many disagrees, but who gives a crap about extremist Nintendo fangirls, who refuse to buy other machines (or certain brands, as they hate a company like they fullfilled a hit on there entire family), & think Ninty can do no wrong & are saints that are only ever copied, & invent everything in gaming that others have to copy.
BuckyBarnes  +   1209d ago
This game is going to flop commercially. It might get high critical acclaim, but the numbers will be very low for sales. As a big supporter of the fighting game community, I would much rather play my SSF4AE, Skullgirls, Blazblue, and Persona than PSABR. It looks boring. I also hated smash bros. it was also boring. Button mashing with 4 players is not my idea of fun. I like old school, mono-a-mono fighting action. Single characters. Fight to the death. Best of 5. Plain and simple. Kinda hope it does fail, Im sick of the thousands of articles about it.
Side note, cant wait for Darksiders 2! My ps3 hasnt seen much use lately, been playing a lot of Terraria. Will be nice to use a controller again.

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