1UP Preview: Faith and a .45

"Picture Gears of War as a 1930s love story."...
When your company's resume includes a Scandinavian-exclusive puppet adventure game and two shooters best known for their sombreros, it's a big transition to create a serious game along the lines of a 1930s Gears of War. Faith and a .45 is still a third-person shooter, but it moves Deadline Games from its Samba de Amigo-style roots to a title that takes place in the Great Depression.

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BlackIceJoe3827d ago

I got to say this game really sounds neat and different. Its to bad it comes out in 2010 though.

INehalemEXI3827d ago

Thats so far away, Interesting game though.

MK_Red3826d ago

Kotaku: "That, and you don't have Gears' Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago making out" LMAO.

But seriously, the game looks interesting. Hopefully it doesn't end up like Kane & Lynch though.