IGN reviews PixelJunk Monsters

If you've been following the PixelJunk series of games (there have only been two so far), you may recall that IGN wasn't particularly fond of Q-Games' previous title, PixelJunk Racers. However, PixelJunk Monsters, recently released on the PlayStation Store, is an incredible improvement over Q-Games' previous effort and boasts some of the most addictive and enjoyable gameplay we've seen in a while.

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Milkman5413733d ago

Great game, recommend it to everyone!

beoulve3733d ago

this game make me want to perfect every level. The highest rank i got is 72. Some ppl are just master at this.

TheExecutive3733d ago

great game. for 799 you cant go wrong. Got a psp? remote play works and its great. If you like strategy games at all get this game, its really really hard but addicting at the same time.

barom3733d ago

I kinda want this but I like the WC3 look better. Is there a lot of difference between this game and the WC3 mods? Like any reason why I should get it over just sticking with the WC3 mods?