The Morning Gamer 8/9/2012


Ben Affleck Directing Justice League

Exclusives and when they matter

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OOG2050d ago

isnt this the mid dinner episode?

Lvl_up_gamer2050d ago

I guess tor no longer has a problem with submitting news on n4g. I guess with a new site comes a change on political views.

tordavis2050d ago

Yep! It's always been a game of chess.

Lvl_up_gamer2049d ago

I guess you are right. Closing down TheBitbag then creating STFUandPLAY and using N4G as your marketing tool (when once before stating how much dislike you have for the site and it's administrators) is a much needed necessity to promote your new site and get the exposure.

Not sure why you would pick STFUandPLAY as your site name....seems a little bit of an immature name for a grown adult who once had the site name TheBitBag. I guess your demographics that you are targeting with that site name are the 12-18 year olds.

That is just going to bring more immaturity to your site.

DA_SHREDDER2049d ago

awesome, i hope there's more podcast coming this week, i need some good podcast to listen to on my 12 hour trip back home.

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