Next Xbox to arrive before 2014, Microsoft ad suggests

A job vacancy for a senior role at Microsoft's entertainment division has suggested that the next generation Xbox will be released before 2014.
The advert, seeking a Central Marketing Group director, claims that "over the next eighteen months Microsoft will release new versions of all of our most significant products including Windows (Client, Server, Phone and Azure), Office and Xbox, along with completely new offerings like Microsoft Surface".

The statement suggests that Microsoft will launch the next Xbox before 2014. CVG sources have previously suggested the system's release date will likely fall in the latter half of 2013. Development kits were issued to several third party studios in the UK at the start of 2012, the sources have said.

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aviator1892081d ago

I'm guessing a e3 2013 reveal and a 2013 winter/fall launch date. If that ends up being true, then I'm pretty pumped as I really don't want to wait until 2014 for a new console.

sikbeta2081d ago

Rumors say Q4-2013, perfect time to launch a new console, say November :D what I really want to see is the amount of RAM it has, "leaked" Dev-kits = 8GB/12GB but tech guys told me that those kits always have twice the amount of RAM, so 4-to-6GB sounds pretty good ^_^

EVILDEAD3602080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Nothing here means that they are going to release it before 2014.

But, Microsoft is definately in a great place between releasing W8, Surface, the Dash Smart Glass, and ultimately the 720.

The system will definately show at E3..but if Wii-u doesnt dominate this year then it remains to be seen what'll happen.

They are poised for a great Fall and Holiday..but next year is also going to be huge.

You are talking about Halo 4 and Call of Duty being relavant all through 2013.

Then you are talking about a year that will be dominated by the release of GTA V.

Then you have heavy hitters like the Gears of War prequel and the Bungie exclusive shooter.

Not to mention Bioshock: Infinite,
Battlefield 4 vs. Modern Warfare 4..just to name a few.

That keeps the 360 relevant for another year..the E3 reveal and some next gen game trailers will keep gamers at bay through the release of the new system and it also allows Turn 10, Rare, Epic, CryteK, Rare, EA, Ubisoft and the rest another entire year with the kits.

2014 makes sense for price of console, launch of games, and impact as the games at that point will clearly be heads and tails over the current gen and maybe even the Wii-u as well.

But time will tell..there will be a billion articles on the subject all year long


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k-dillinger2080d ago ShowReplies(3)
Bigpappy2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I think this time they will release Oct 2013. I believe they will be prepared with more stock and try to get the "Black Friday" crowd in the US. M$ loves to break sales records, and with do their best in 2013 to do just that.
This console will have some impressive features no doubt. It will be heavily media focused, and M$ already has kits out there. This means the launch games will be there in spades.

A new xbox will not mean support for 360 stops upon release.

Edit: k-dillinger you are trolling; angry for no good reason; making no sense with your rant; and wrong. That is all I would say to you.

KMCROC542080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I think they will continue support for 360 for about 5 years after they release its replacement .

spicelicka2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

They better release it by then, i swear it's been like 7 years since xbox 360. I'm tired of this generation, give us a damn new console already.

KMCROC542080d ago

Am going a step further , they hype all the way to E3 reveal during conference & then announce it for sale the next day like they did the slim model. Now that
would throw the industry for a loop.

KMCROC542080d ago

You folks do know it not a far fetched idea that can very well happen. just for the disagrees i hope it plays out like this , cause i got my CC all ready for that buy on day one.

shadow27972080d ago

Ask Sega how well that strategy worked out for them.

avengers19782080d ago

I suspect the same thing... well i sorta think they will reveal at there own event, but I 100% thing nextbox and PS4 to launch between septemper 2013 and december 2013... then again sony likes to come out with stuff at weird times so maybe PS4 May 2014

MoreRPG2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

The next xbox will most likely release on november 2013 but i dont think we'll see the ps4 until 2014 is not wise to have two consoles releasing at the same time

Anon19742080d ago

I'm not that excited for launch this time around. The Xbox was by far my favorite console last gen (sorry PS2 fans) and I was right there to get my 360 at launch, but bad console after bad console completely spoiled my experience as a 360 owner and I'm not about to make that same mistake again.

I'm always an early adopter but this time I'm content to sit back and watch for a year to make sure they iron out all the bugs. And that, prudent as it is given my experiences with the 360 hardware, sucks all the anticipation out of a new console launch for me.

avengers19782080d ago

did they ever iron out the bugs in the 360, I heard the newer models were better, but am not 100% sure about that. I was there with you I bought two 360's that died, so I was done with it.

hellvaguy2080d ago

"did they ever iron out the bugs in the 360"

Welcome to 5 years ago. A fresh trolling idea, would be at least original I would think.

nukeitall2080d ago


Isn't exactly known to be a pro Xbox 360 and more like the opposite, so I wouldn't really expect you to be excited about the next Xbox.

However, I'm sure you didn't mind PSN after it was hacked.

Outside_ofthe_Box2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

lol @ nukeitall bringing up PSN out of the blue... not that I'm surprise though since nukitall isn't exactly known to be pro PlayStation 3 and more like the opposite..

darkride66 isn't exactly wrong for being cautious of the next Xbox due to potential hardware issues. People should be cautious of all consoles having potential hardware issues next gen. It's no different than people being cautious of buying a game day one due to potential DLC milking or GOTY editions. Not that rational thinking matters or anything.

avengers19782078d ago

@hellvaguy i see why you think I'm trolling but it was a serious question... I have not bought a new design xbox and heard they were better, but don't know for sure... I did own 2 360 both died... I have thought of re-buying but would only do so if those problems were solved

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TGM2080d ago

6GB of RAM is definitely future proof, but bear in mind how long 512MB has lasted on the 360, especially when all the console uses it for is running the game and the dashboard.

MostJadedGamer2080d ago

Its obvious the 720 is coming in 2013. The big question mark is the PS4. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the PS4 comes out in 2014.

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greenpowerz2081d ago

Most people already speculate the holiday of next year. The leaked docs seemed to indicate a real plan saying this.

ChunkyLover532081d ago

Why on earth would Microsoft give Nintendo more time alone on the market with the only next gen console? Of course the Xbox 720 is launching next year.

No way does Microsoft even wait for E3 to reveal it, I'm sure we'll get a reveal in March or so. E3 doesn't allow enough time to intro a new console and games. The first Xbox and the Xbox 360 were both introduced by Microsoft at their own shows.

Dlacy13g2081d ago

Agreed, I really wouldn't be shocked to see an industry invite event around the same time as GDC. Maybe they hold it the week before or right after and allow devs to talk up the new tech at GDC that will be in the next Xbox.

Then come E3 they are talking games and feature of the system that will certainly take the wind out of Nintendo's sails considerably.

The interesting party in all of this to me is Sony... what will they be doing next year? We know Nintendo for sure and while not official by any stretch we know pretty much 2013 will be MS's next xbox timeframe. So...what does Sony do? Do they just announce like they did this gen and wait a full year? And lets not forget Ouya and Onlive... Ouya should be out (according to them) and Onlive really will need to make a major move with Steam growing the way they are and new console hardware coming that will be pushing into the cloud and streaming for sure. 2013 shall be quite the chess game for the industry.

Zhipp2081d ago

I'm pretty sure we all guessed this. I realize this gen has lasted a long time, but nine years? That would really be pushing it.
Besides, there's no way M$ would let Nintendo have a 1 year advantage over them--regardless of specs.

Belking2081d ago

Next gen xbox for next year. Sounds good to me.

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