PSP Fanboy interview: Wild ARMs XF's Akifumi Kaneko

XSEED's upcoming PSP exclusive Wild Arms game takes the series to a bold new direction. Like the great PSP games of last year, the popular RPG series is getting a taste of strategy. PSP Fanboy got a chance to talk to producer (and scenario writer) Akifumi Kaneko about this upcoming SPRG.

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ruibing3799d ago

I'm just about to start Wild Arms Alter Code F and Wild Arms 5 this summer, so I can't wait for this to come out as well.

InfectedDK3799d ago

Im still playing Wild Arms 1 on my PSP lol but ill get this game for sure!

ceedubya93799d ago

PSP needs more (good) RPG's. I'll keep my eye on this one.

Luca Blight3799d ago

Right up there with Crisis Core and Patapon.