Tiberium - New video. 6 minutes gameplay

Another great gameplay footage from Tiberium. Its looking very good indeed.

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Delt43700d ago

im not sure yet on this one. When is the release date?

Delt43700d ago

dab..right in the middle of a few other fps games.....i will have to wait and see more. Thanks for the info freeman29

power of Green 3700d ago

Game is hot looking, only FPS thus far that has my attention on any platform. Watched the Xplay footage and learned about some of the multi player aspects of this, WOW.

uie4rhig3700d ago

It might be my computer, but that game is unplayable coz of the frame rate :S .. anyone else noticed that?

Shankle3700d ago

I don't know, maybe it's because of the awful framerate, but it just doesn't look like anything special. to me. Just another generic sci fi shooter. From EA.

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