Borderlands 2 - Zer0 Inspired by MGS Gray Fox

Gearbox concept designer Scott Kester has revealed new character Zer0 was inspired by Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid.

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Snookies122051d ago

Hell yes, Gray Fox was amazing...

mistajeff2051d ago

Well, my plan was to flip a coin to decide between zer0 and the gunzerker dude, but.. this is more than enough reason for me to pick zer0.

Nicaragua2051d ago

No shit - i would have never guessed, never ever....really

Xandet2051d ago

Ah, good ol' Frank Jaeger... one of the most badass characters in the history of videogames. Hopefully Zer0 can follow suit.

synchroscheme2051d ago

Well, it's hard to beat the original, but Zer0 still looks pretty cool in his own right. :)

PersonaCat2051d ago

Well, if I didn't already decide to play as him, this would have been it :p

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